Tactile Artworks for Leicester Arts
Commissioned by Leicester Arts these four objects are part of the collection of artist created objects for use by dementia patients.

Touch Table Tiles

Taking the idea of a museum as a source of evocative items from the past I chose to incorporate actual objects or direct representations of parts of them within my artifacts. I hope they provide a direct and unambiguous experience that incorporates touch, interaction and sound to create links to past experiences and memories through this use of familiar everyday objects.
I was also interested in combining media and techniques in creating the objects and am especially pleased with the combination of manual sound creation and digital playback used in the Turning Table.

Held In The Hand

For Held in the Hand I wanted to create artifacts that were intriguing ‘closed containers’ that further invite investigation and interaction on initial encounter and then through texture, sound and use of varied fastenings. I’m interested in them being presented as mysterious objects from the past that may have been discovered in an attic or junk shop. They are well crafted and yet suggest a utilitarian everyday usage rather than art object. Once opened the objects evoke reminiscences as familiar objects are revealed within.
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