The Photography of Onne van der Wal
Renowned and award winning nautical photographer, Onne van der Wal (pronounced "Onn-A") has been shooting yachting photography for over 25 years. Once a professional sailor, Onne got his start in photography while sailing as bowman and engineer with the 1981-82 Dutch Whitbread Around the World Race Team on the winning boat, FLYER. When Onne returned from their circumnavigation, the press was eager to publish the many photos he had shot and he hasn't stopped shooting since.

Onne has his studio and a retail gallery on Bannister's Wharf in downtown Newport, RI. From this location, Onne's gallery sells favorite images to tourists, galleries and interior designers while Onne and his staff crank out assignment and stock photography to a huge client list from the studio office upstairs. Stock and event photos as well as the entire collection are available for viewing and purchase at the online store:
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