Japanese Graphic Design, Mitsuo Katsui

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    Morisawa Font computer designed poster by Katsui, Mitsuo 1998. Printed offset lithography. One of a set of four Morisawa font posters.

    International Poster Collection. 2009. lib.colostate.edu/posters/

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    1. sujitjp 57 months ago | reply

      Oh WOW.....

    2. Alki1 57 months ago | reply

      I know! And look at the date! Published back in 1998, he is a master of the greatest!

    3. manuelenrique p 57 months ago | reply

      Fonts..genesis...fonts... origin...

    4. sujitjp 57 months ago | reply

      This is great,, but talking about publication dates I am left speechless by Emil Ruder's work from nineteen sixties or even fifties. Some references: www.designers-books.com/?p=569
      or TM 12: www.flickr.com/photos/80magazine/3893613986/
      Before PhotoShop .. even before the Computer
      When I see such work it just knocks me out - everytime.

    5. Alki1 57 months ago | reply

      So much was going on in the 1950's-60's that was visually out on the cutting edge. It was the period when my husband and I were active in graphic design and everything new and exciting was coming out of Switzerland, all long before the computer. Once we saw the Swiss publication New Graphic Design, it was never back to the old advertising art concepts, even when we lost clients.

      What is so intriguing is how the Japanese, working in a war-torn and bankrupt country, took to designing with the computer so much sooner than any place else.

    6. sujitjp 57 months ago | reply

      True. And also the fact that despite the war and westernization, Japanese Graphic retains its own Oriental core (one looking for logical connections may trace it to zen and the spiritual) that makes it uniquely "Eastern". The way their computer design has a very clear element of the man-made (see the calligraphic semi-circle in the design above). Another example I like to give is Helmut Schmid's graphic design. He was a student of Emile Ruder in Basle but has lived in Japan for years. His Swiss style has a Japanese flavour. Not sure if that's a good way of putting it. :-)

    7. ŁARS 彡 55 months ago | reply

      good good good

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