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Typography in the Olden Days

Anyone who can identify this machine is telling me their age. Back when Adobe was an idea being hatched between John Warnock and Chuck Geschke over lunch at PARC and PageMaker was floating around in Paul Brainard's brain and Apple operated out of a California back street garage and Microsoft was a tiny little startup over the hill in Seattle that we tried to find one day but couldn't (no Google map back then) and Douglas Engelbart was working away at ARC on something called a mouse-


Mrs. McFadden and student. it was faster than setting type on a stick and you didn't have to deal with a Linotype operator. But you had better know the coding info on the screen. No spell checker either. It's output was a twelve inch wide strip of photo paper from a roll in the machine that the students hung from wires and pipes in the lab to dry after being processed in a chemical bath. They were then cut up into repros to be pasted on a mechanical. And we thought it was the most modern system possible.

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Uploaded on October 21, 2008