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Bristol trade directory 1871 - starting with Letter A | by brizzle born and bred
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Bristol trade directory 1871 - starting with Letter A

Bristol Accountants (Public) and Commission Agents


Adams George, 9 Nicholas street

Ainsworth R. 52 Southville

Alexander Daniel, & Co. 49 Broad st

Atkins Robert, 2 Cathay parade

Baker William, 3 Cotham place

Barklay William, 1 Southville place

Barnard, Thomas, Tribe & Co., Albion chambers

Barnard and Hare, 5 Nicholas street

Bessell Charles, 8 Brighton place

Bowman W. Athenaeum chambers

Bragge C. W. 2 Clare street

Brookman W. F. Small street court

Bryant G. S. Steghen street

Burgess W. J . Somerset square

Challacombe J . 13 Victoria st. Stapleton road

Chapman C. W. Exchange East

Coleman R. J . 27 Cumberland street

Collel1s B. D. 10 Marlbro’ hill

Collins James, 39 Broad street

Collins P. 12 Dighton street

Cossham S. Shannon court

Curnick D. 13 Claremont place

Curnick Thomas, 6 Oxford st, Ashley rd

Curtis, Jenkins, & Co. Exchange bulds

Daniels J. R. Barnabas terrace

Davies J . E. 2 Nicholas street

Denning, Smith, & Co. Shannon court, Corn street

Downing J . 47 High street

Driver Frederick, H. 6 Brookfield crescent

Dunne J . 7 Prince’s place

Dutson R. A. Richmond rd, Montpelier

Easterling Thomas, 14 Duke street

Everett John A. 55 Southville

Forbes A. 3 Nicholas street

Fryer Charles, 4 Exchange, east

Grace J . H. Royal Insurance builds

Grigg W. H. 30 Clare street

Hancock, Triggs & Co. 13 John street

Hannam J . 8 Redcliff parade, East

Hatton Joseph, 9 Dean street

Hext W. Coronation road

Hitchins W. Picton street

Hobbs John, 16 Dowry parade

Hunt Nathan, 11 Belmont terrace

Hutchins George E. 20 Bridge street

Hutchinson & Dodds, Shannon court

Jarritt G. T. 6 Cumberland terrace

Johnston Alfred, 6 King square

Jones E. Bianca villa, Ashley hill

Joyce S. 24 Bridge street

Langworthy R. 15 Dighton street

Lewis George, 2 Bristol chambers

Lloyd Henry, 26 Clare street

Lucas J . D. 52 Thrissell street

Lyddon J . W. 3 Small street

Martin L. B. Athenzeum chambers

Palmer Arthur, 13 Small street

Parsons John, Athenmum chambers, Nicholas street

Pike E. J . 30 Clare street

Pitt J . S. 16 John street

Power James, 22 Broad street

Preston John, 5 Nelson place, Easton

Prowse H. 13 Queen square

Pullin F. 28 Claremont street

Raggatt D. Coronation road

Selfe T. V. Avon cottage, Southville

Slader —. 5 Wells street, Culver street

Sloman J . R. 16 Nelson pde, Bedminster

Smith S. & Co. 1 Queen’s road and 30 Clare street

Smith W. Washington, 16 Cathay

Spickett M. 16 Goodhind street

Sprod Sidney & Son, 1 Baldwin st

Stevens A. Nicholas street chambers

Stooke George, 9 Upper Montague st

Tarr R. 1 Walton terrace, City road

Thrower —. 2 Exchange buildings

Tricks, Son, & Wallop, City chambers

Triggs P. 24 City road

Tripney and Co. Bridge street

Ullathorne J. Drawbridge Hotel

Wade T. F. 57 Queen square

Ware Charles, 11A Small street

Warley James, 2 Cotham place

Watling John, Shannon court

Weeks William, 1 Baldwin street

Whittard D. M. 5 Prospect terrace, Bedminster

Williams James, Small street court

Williams W. H. & Co. Exchange

Withy E. C. 14 Ashton terrace


Account-Book Manufacturers

(see bookbinders)


Agents Commission & General


Alexander M. J . F. & A. Narrow quay

Alman Jacob, 10 Wells street

Barnard, Thomas, Tribe & Co. Albion chambers

Bassey James, 12 Walton terrace, City rd.

Brasher C. F. & Co. 2 Bread street

Broughton T. A. B. & Co. 10 Welsh back

Cook & Son, Baldwin street

Coleman T. 4 Colston pde. Stapleton rd

Curtis J . T. 4 Welsh back

Fisher J . S. and Co. 30 Queen square

Forbes A. 3 Nicholas street

Glasson and Co. Lucas hall, Marsh st

Good Charles, 12 Cathay (com.)

Grace James and Henry, Corn street

Hall & Adey, Grove avenue

Hobbs John, Imperial chambs. Corn st

Homes E. Stephen street

Hutchins George E. 20 Bridge street

Jenkins Henry, 6 Kingston villas

Kruger, Beale, & Co. Royal Insurance buildings

Lee E. T. Small street

Le Ray J . 46 Broad Quay

Lucas G. W. 11 High street

Palmer A. 13 Small street

Pearce R. & Son, King square avenue

Pike Thomas, 4 Prince street

Powell David Henry

Riley E. 42 Bridge street

Simmester William, 15 Prince street

Sinclair Ben'amin, City chambers

Sprod S. & Son, 1 Baldwin street

Steeds J. P. Athenaeum chambers

Stoate, Hosegood, & Co. 42 Back st

Sayce, Jones & Co. 30 Clare street

Wicks F. H. New buildings, Small st

Wilson J. F. 7 Bridge street

Whitwill M. & Son, The Grove

Woodall T. W. 42 Bridge street




Bingham R. W. 8-9 Broad street

Grace J. & H. Royal chambers, Corn st

Hayward J. 1 Corn street


In Bankruptcy


Barnard, Thomas, & Co. Albion chambers

Power J. 22 Broad street

Williams W. H. & Co. Exchange

Parsons John, Athenaeum chambers, Nicholas street


To Publishers


Besley F. B. 30 City road

Cooking T. B. 2 Bishop street

Corbett William, 7 Stokes croft

Farrell Thomas, 7 Bishop street

Hall James, 4 St Stephen’s avenue

Hutchison A. 24 Broad street

Nelson A. B. 5 Brunswick square


For Steam Packets and Vessels


Barrett R. J. 6 Bathurst parade

Bax Thomas, 86 Narrow quay (Hayle Steam Packet office)

Bristol Steam Packet Company, Prince street (South Wales)

Bull T. 11 Redcliff parade (Cardiff Towing Company)

Davey W. L. 34 Welsh back

Evans G. H. Canons’ marsh wharf (North Devon and Liverpool)

Evered & Sampson, Clare street hall (Cardiif & Portishead)

Haynes I. Welsh back for Newport traders

Pockett J. W. 8 Narrow quay (Swansea Packet office)

Rowe P. Redcliif back (Rotterdam and Liverpool)

Scammel T. The Grove (Avon Packet office)

Thomas & Son, 42 Welsh back (Neath, Llanelly, & Swansea)

Trusted T. The Grove (Hyam’s Monmouth Steam Packet)

Turner, Edwards, & Co. 20 Queen sq (shipping office)

Warne W. G. 46 Broad quay (Bideford and Barnstaple)

Whitwill M. & Co. Grove avenue (shipping office)


Agents Various


Audcent A. 9 Park street (wines and brandies)

Butcher William, Rupert st. (stoneware pipes, fire-clay goods)

Cripps Richard, Redclilf wharf (general)

Egerton J. W. 13 Narrow quay (C. Whittall & Co. Smyrna)

Esendie A. 4 Charlotte street, Queen square (French houses)

Forbes A. 3 Nicholas street (provisions)

Ford G. E. 35 Queen square (merchant traders)

Fowler James, Dean street (metal traders)

Harris W. K. Welsh back (customs and forwarding)

Hole William & Co. 15 St James’s sq (manufacturers)

Hutchison A. Guildhall chambers (M‘Phun and Son)

James R. C. & Co. 29 Bridge street

Llewellin W. D. 27 Avon crescent (mineral)

Lockey J. 4 Park street (W. & A. Gilbey’s wines)

Lucas E. R. 41 High street (tea)

Richardson George, 3 Windsor terrace, Totterdown (shipping)

Speller J. 60 Broad quay (sheathing metal, felt, and oakum)

Whitwill, Gibson, and Co. The Grove (Enthoven’s Yellow metal)


Agricultural Implement Makers and Dealers


Baker William, 62 Temple street

Bartlett and Son, 1 Welsh back

Bristol Implement Co. 47 Thomas st

Bristol Waggon Works Company, Temple street

Cambridge, E. & Co. St. Philip’s Works

Munro A. Meadow street

Vemnan W. N. 41 West street


Ale and Porter Merchants

(see also Brewers, and Brewers’ Agents)


Brain & Son, Redcliff back

Dunlop, Mackie & Co. Broad quay

Hope G. M. & Co. 14 Narrow quay

Lavington W. F. & Co. 49 to 53 Baldwin street

Paul & Co. 1 Regent place, Clifton

Powell G. F. Pennywell road

Price W. K. 1 Nicholas street

Stone H. 61-62 Broadmead

Tyler R. 82 Stokes croft

Wetherman H. S. 17 Small street


Ale and Porter Stores

(also see Beer Retailers)


Bennett Fred. 19 Milk street

Bishop Joseph, 30 North street

Bond T. Beaufort street, Stapleton road

Bonner Francis, Pennywell road

Bray George, 11 King square avenue

Bryant William, Hope Chapel hill

Burnett J. L. 15 Portland st. Kingsdown

Chandler J. Marlborough hill

Clyma L. 6 Portland place

Christiansen Agnes, Pipe lane, St Augustines

Cockram G. Wellesley st. Lawrence hill

Crew T. Croft house, Stokes croft

Crook John, Hotwell road

Dando John, Highbury place

Evans John, 18 Union street

Evans William, Richmond road

Farmer Margaret, 89 Temple street

Flowers Edward, Nicholas street

Gates W. St. Michael’s crescent

Gay A. J. Ashley road

George M. A. 10 Redcliff hill

Henderson E. Brandon steep

Hillier F. Bath road, Totterdown

Hodges Alfred, 27 Mardyke, Hotwells

Hosegood Samuel, Jacob street

Jones Eliza, 6 Merchants’ parade

King Walter, 7 Stokes croft

Larcombe James, 17 Wilson street

Leonard William, 129 Thomas street

Lewis R. Clifton place, Stapleton road

Loft W. L. Carolina place, King square

Mealing William, 21 Grosvenor place, St Paul’s

Ousley John, 6 Hillgrove street

Phillips Robert, Blackboy hill

Price M. A. Colston street, Cathay

Prickett John, 30 Maryport street

Rea Thomas, Frogmore street

Reeves Henry, Tankard’s close

Reeves T. B. 41 Castle street

Richards Norman. 16 Paul street

Riseley J. 27 Bath street

Rowland M. Nicholas street

Seamer James, Wilder street

Shepstone J. Upper Temple back

Smith Samuel, 17 Easton parade

Spragg G. 9 Surrey street

Stanley Francis, St James’s churchyd

Stenner Joseph, 10 Newfoundland st

Tilley Alice, 28 Castle street

Tovey Samuel, Orchard st. St Phllips

Tripp Francis, Horton street

Trotman C. 9 Bindon place, Redland

Venn Caroline, Nicholas street

Watts G. W. 1 Love street, South

Webber Francis, Byron place

Whatley & Payne, 17 Newfoundland st

White J. Trinity street, Newtown

Williams John, Barton road

Winniat Ann, Wilder street

Wise Jesse, Christmas steps, Lewin's mead


Alkali Manufacturers and Dealers


Cook W. & Son, 53 Baldwin street

Netham Chemical Co. Limited, St. George’s, Netham

Pochin A. D. & Co. Temple backs

Whitwill Mark & Son, The Grove (agents to Tennant and Sons, Glasgow)




(earliest recorded anchorsmiths in Bristol was as early c1391)


Baker, Houghton & Co. Redcliff back

Bell and Daniel, Marsh street

Tratman Brothers, 77 The Quay


Annatto Manufacturers and Seed suppliers


Clements S. G. & Co. 9, 12, 13, and 14 Lewin’s mead



(see Auctioneers below)


Alman Jacob, 10 Wells street

Bodey J. 43 Park street

Grace J. & H. Royal Insurance buildings

Hughes & Son, 38 College green

Jones John, 12 Wells street and Culver Street

Parsons John, Athenaeum chambers, Nicholas street

Smith & Co. 13 St Augustine’s parade

Tricks, Son & Wallop, Bristol chambers

Ullathorne J. Drawbridge Hotel

Williams W. H. & Co. Exchange, Corn street




Armstrong & Thomas, Athenaaum chambers, Nicholas street

Bevan J. Nicholas street

Bindon John, Guildhall chambers

Bompas E. G. Quay street

Clark J. A. 23 Broad street

Eyland E. S. 1 St Michael’s park

Fripp S. C. 6 Exchange, West

Foster & Wood, 6 Park street

Gingell W. B. 37 Corn street

Godwin & Crisp, Quay street

Hansom & Son, Arlington villas

Hawtin W. H. 38 College green

Hirst J. H. 8 Small street

Horwood, Son, & Barnes, 26 Broad st

Lloyd H. 29 Clare street

Masters H. 17 Charlotte street, Park st

Ponton & Gough, Atheneeum chambers

Popes & Bindon, Guildhall chambers

Rumley C. F. 35 Broad quay

Sedding John D. 11 Park street

Thomas J. Nicholas street

Underwood C. Rupert chambers




Beeks Edward, Athenaium chambers, Nicholas street

Branwhite C. Westfield park (landscape)

Brett I. 9 Westfield par

David R. B. 7 Dowry square (landscape and portrait)

Durond A. Queen’s villa, Goldney road

Ennel N. 26 The Triangle, Clifton

Fisher J. 59 Whiteladies road

Frank W. A. 2 Victoria place, South

Hewett H. 2 Freeland place (landscape)

Midwinter W. H. 24 College green

Park H. Orchard street

Praeger E. 13 Cambridge place

Roberts J. 6 Union street

Seed T. 4 Ruysdael place, Byron place, The Triangle (portrait)

Syer John, 6 Aberdeen terrace

Tucker R. 18 Hampton terrace

West E. F. Observatory, Clifton down


Artists’ Colormen


Frost John, 16 Clare st. & 19 The Triangle (later Frost & Reed)

Short and Son, 8 Broadmead

Way C. 17 Royal promenade



(see professional directory)


Auctioneers and Appraisers


Adams G. Nicholas street

Alexander, Daniel, & Co. 49 Broad st

Alman J. 10 Wells street

Ashmead G. & Son, Small street

Barnard, Thomas, Tribe, & Co. Albion chambers

Bowman William, Athenaeum chambers

Chapman George, 3 King street

Coombs G. Phippen street, Redcliff

Crouch James & Co. 22 Clare street

Denning, Smith, & Co. Shannon court

Downing J. 11 High street

Fargus H. R. & Co. 4 Clare street

Fowler H. P. All Saints’ passage

Fryer Charles, 4 Exchange, East

Fielder J. H. College street

Gerrish John, Lion chambers

Hancock & Hancock, 37 Park street

Hill Edwin, 1 Hampton terrace, Wells road

Hutchins George E. 20 Bridge street

Hutchinson & Dodds, Shannon court

Nichols George, 63 Broad street

Hurndall John S. St. Nicholas chambers

Lyddon J. W. 3 Small street

Morris R. W. 5 Clare street

Nash J. 11 Bridge street

Palmer Arthur, 13 Small street

Parsons John, Athenaaum chambers, Nicholas street

Pitt J. S. 16 John street

Smith J. 20 Old Market street .

Smith S. & Co. 1 Queen’s road and 30 Clare street

Sprod & Son, 1 Baldwin street

Standerwick George, Gower villa, Cheltenham road

Stevens Augustus, St. Ewen’s chambers, Nicholas st

Tricks, Son, & Wallop, High street, Nicholas street, Small street

Tripney & Co. Bridge street

Wall J. B. 15 Pritchard street

Wheller W. 4 Trafalgar place, Clarence road

Wigens G. C Exchange, Corn street

Williams W. H. & Co. Exchange, Corn street

Woolcott F. Rupert chambers. Quay street

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