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WI - WR - Historical Bristol Street Directory 1871 | by brizzle born and bred
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WI - WR - Historical Bristol Street Directory 1871

Mathews' Bristol Street Directory 1871


Wilder Street, North Street to Grosvenor Road


John Smith, lath render

J. T. Ball and Sons, maltsters, etc

John Summerville, builder, etc

Charles Pitman

James Merry, black smith

John Tucker

Thomas Davis, chimney sweep


William Sherring, nail manufacturer William Nichols - In October 1884 he was 14 years old, living with his parents in Baptist Mills and working at Messrs W Sherring of Wilder Street, a nail manufactory. Whilst carrying iron from the bins he slipped and fell against the flywheel. By the time the machine was stopped, he was dead. There was a fence around the machine, but the workers were in the habit of 'pushing it aside'.


Withy & Co. ginger-beer, lemonade & soda-water manufacturers

James Williams, 1, Cave street cottages

Eliza Snow, fly proprietor, 2, Cave street cottages

Joseph Johnson, carpenter & undertaker, 3, Cave street cottages

George Smith, boot maker

William Lambert, grocer, etc

Joseph Chard, baker & flour dealer

J. Andrews, chimney sweeper

Ann Winniatt, shopkeeper

Joshua Williams, builder

George Mico, grocer

Mary Weston, greengrocer

James Seamer, beer seller


Mrs William Paul, vict, Two Trees 1794. John Lewis / 1806. Isaac Phipps / 1816. Stephen Seager / 1820 - 22. J. Morrosson / 1823 - 32. Samuel Morrosson 1834 - 45. James Vickery / 1847 - 61. James Bale / 1863. Edwin Hamber / 1865 - 69. George Lambourne / 1871. Mrs. Paul 1872 - 75. George Wintle (jnr) / 1877 - 78. Sarah Sowden / 1879 to 1882. John Sharp / 1883. C. Tomkins.


George Howard, vict, Albion Tavern 1841 - 53. Elizabeth Morrison / 1858 - 66. Henry Couzens / 1867 to 1868. W. Watts / 1869. Francis Virtue / 1871. George Howard 1872 to 1875. S. Barton / 1876. T. C. Manning / 1877. S. Balderson / 1878. C. Wyman / 1879. Samuel Harris / 1882 - 83. William Tarr 1885 - 88. William Bailey / 1889. George Clohesey / 1891. Sarah Ann Knight / 1892. Rosina Pollard / 1896 - 99. Charles Spiller 1901. Edward Coles.


Charles King, vict, Royal Oak 1832 - 34. Henry Watkins / 1869. George King / 1871. Charles King / 1872 to 1874. Mabel King / 1875 - 83. Isabella King 1885. George Knott / 1886 - 1909. Frederick King / 1914 - 17. Ellen White / 1921 - 25. Angelina Reed.


James Newman, vict, Crown 1860. John Yeandel / 1866 - 82. James Newman / 1883 to 1887. Kate Morgan / 1888 to 1891. Kate Rowles / 1892. Thomas Dinan 1896 - 1901. George Jenkins.


James Nash, vict, Royal George 1860. Ann Mundy / 1863 - 72. James Naish / 1874 - 81. Joseph W. Keall / 1882 - 87. William Clements / 1889 - 1901. James Thatcher.




Harry Dimmock - Living at Wilder Street, he was buried at St Paul on January 19th 1839 aged 71.


Ann Roach - Aged 21 in November 1842, she was taken to the Infirmary as while she was crossing Wilder Street she was knocked down by a fly (cab) which passed over her leg and injured it severely.


Wildgoose Cottages, St Philip’s Marsh


Wilkin’s Cottages, Folly Lane


William Street, Grosvenor road to Ashley Road


1. Maria Fuller

2. William Barter

3. Samuel David White

4. Henry Critchett

5. George Hill

6. James Wilmot

7. Herbert Cousins

8. George Browning

9. Charles Williams

10. Henry Hobbert

11. John Edward Sollis

12. Henry Tom Moody

13. David Bank Edwards

14. William Henry Thomas

15. John Goodeve, tea dealer




G Drake - Lived at 31, King Square. On 2nd March 1899 wrote to the newspaper stating that John Drake carpenter convicted of theft at the assizes was no connection. He did have a son called John who was also a carpenter who resided at 25, William Street, St Pauls.


William Street, Dings


Samuel Isles, beer retailer (Off Licence)

Francis Evans, grocer


William Street, Pylle Hill, Totterdown


2. Edwin Nott, haulier

3. George and Henry Roe

74. Henry Haskins, baker, Victoria house


1. Gilbert Babbage, vict, King William Hotel 1868 - 69. Aaron Davy / 1871 - 83. Gilbert Babbage / 1885 - 88. Matilda Morse / 1889 - 91. Henrietta Thomas 1892 to 1896. John Southwood / 1897. Joseph Gair / 1899. H. Smith / 1904. Emily Newman / 1909. Joseph Gullock 1912 - 21. Florence Annie Geh / 1925 - 38. Frederick Grove.


Williams' Court, off Barton Street


Richard Excell - Aged 46 in 1818, a shoemaker living with his wife in Williams' Court, Barton Street, they, were receiving relief payments from St Peter's Hospital.


Willway Street, Philip Street, Bedminster


Robert Lewis, grocer

William Morgan, mason


George Parker, vict, Willway Tavern 1871. George Parker / 1872 to 1886. Herman Tozer / 1887 - 89. Elizabeth Tozer / 1891 - 1906. Alfred Tozer 1909. William Saunders / 1914 - 21. Leonard Wyatt / 1925 - 31. Robert Wyatt.


Samuel Hardwick, vict, Eagle Tavern 1871 - 77. Samuel Hardwick / 1878. Eli Bowditch / 1881 - 82. William Fewings / 1883 - 91. William Hill / 1892. Joseph Wring 1896. Mary Jane Wring / 1899. Henry Nichols / 1901. William Bryant / 1904. M. Broomsgrove.


Jesse Bumbold, vict, Chequers Tavern Whitehouse Lane / Willway Street. 1865 - 87. Jesse Rumbold / 1888 - 99. Benjamin Rowse / 1901. Henry Pillinger / 1904 - 06. Mary Hampton / 1909. Henry Hampton 1914. William Bailey / 1917 - 21. Albert Evans / 1925 - 28. Nellie Catherine Foxwell / 1931. Gabriel Biggin 1934 - 38. William James Rowland.


Willway Street, Whipping Cat Hill to Lucky Lane


15. Thomas Chinnock, dairyman

Wethered, Cossham, and Wethered, coal merchants, Railway yard


16. J. Gazzard, grocer and beer retailer, vict, Beaufort Arms grocery, bakery and beer house. 1870 - 76. Joseph Gazzard / 1881 - 86. William Bowyer / 1888. H. Maynard / 1888 - 89. John H. Kennard / 1891. Charlotte Baker 1892. George Dunn / 1899. Elizabeth Gulley / 1901 - 06. Hannah Underdown / 1914. Harry Stubbins.


Wilmot’s Crescent, Rose Street, Great Gardens


Wilmot’s Vale, Pipe Lane, Temple


Wilson Avenue, Wilson Street to Cross Gardens


(Beaufort Cottages)


Mark Appleby

Charles W. Porter

John Woodward, carpenter and builder

Elizabeth Thomas


(Beaufort Place)


John Purnell

George Dowling, smith

Charles Cockle

James Bailey

Thomas Wright

Edwin Mutton, boot maker


Wilson Court, Wilson Street


Wilson Place, Wilson Street


John Gore, 1, Wilson villas

William Mortimer, 2, Wilson villas

John Edwards, Aldine cottage

M. Bendell, Gloster cottage

John Cockle

Joseph Baker

John Kirby

M. Fowler

William Thompson

John Southern

John Cudler, mason

Joseph Davis, painter


Wilson Street, Portland Square to Cross Gardens


1. Charles D. Hall, relieving ofiicer

2. George Higgs Masters

3. William Wills, (post office)

4. Mrs Parry

5. Angus Cameron, draper

6. Henry Jones, carpenter

7. Miss Louisa Roberts

8. James Perry, boot maker

9. Joseph Griffin

10. William Ackland

11. William Smith

12. Charles Allen

13. David Griffin

14. Amos Deacon

15. Edward Taplin

16. Thomas Jones

(Gideon Cottages Intersect)

13. James Burrell

14. George Winterson, mason

15. Charles Cuthbert

16. Daniel Chapple

17. James Larcombe, grocer & beer seller

18. Mrs Cox

19. John Routley, grocer & beer seller

(cross over)


St. Paul's National School, Henry George Clevely, master, Miss Wood, mistress - see below


19. John Clark

20. Mary Smith

21. John Marsh, wood carver

22. Samuel Pullin

23. David Williams

24. John Wakley, mason

25. Thomas Wall

26. Jane Ash

27. Elizabeth Holder

28. James Kingcott, tailor and draper

29. Frank Webb

30. George Adlam, junr.

31. Charles Phillips

Robert Nicholls

32. John Evans

33. Priscilla Mainwaring

31. Malcombe Robertson, tailor, etc

35. Sidney Sprod

36. John Postance

37. R. S. Deacon

38. Nathaniel Davis


Wright and Butler, lamp manufacturers of Birmingham. 1875 exhibited petroleum heating stoves at the 1875 Smithfield Club Show. Oil lamps with the American-style circular 'The Union Burner'. By 1913 they had been taken over by Falk Veritas of London but use of the Trade name continued.


Parochial Schools, Wilson Street, St Pauls In 1883 225 boys, 162 girls. In 1898 185 boys, 162 girls. Some members of staff as listed in directories, etc: George Vernon (Teacher), Miss F Perry (Teacher) 1861 Mr Clevely (Teacher), Miss Roberts (Teacher) 1883.


Notes: In 1858 John Henry Trinder who had been a pupil teacher at the school was made a Queen's Scholar, being entitled to 3 years' education at one of Her Majesty's Training Colleges free of charge. At the annual school treat in July 1861 400 children were present in the morning when they were examinaed in Scripture by Rev H Rogers, the incumbent and in grammar, gepgraphy and arithmetic by their respective teachers. In the evening there was a substantial tea in the school room which had been decorated with flowers and mottos. In the centre was suspended a white silk banner with a bridal rosette in the middle, as a token of regard of the incumbent's daughter, Mary Anne Rogers, who had married Thomas Byard Winter Sheppard the previous week. The banner bore the words 'God bless our pastor's daughter - Happiness attend her' in blue lettering.


George Vernon was Master for 18 years and in July 1868 he left to take up the Mastership of the Earl Ducies schools at Tortworth. Several of his past students started a collection and in the end there were 169 subscribers who gave a total of £25. He was presented with an English gold lever watch with guards and appendages and there was enough left over for a pair of vases for Mrs Vernon. At the presentation on July 20th he was also awarded an illuminated text. Edward William Clevely was the second son of George and Emma Clevely. He died aged 22 in October 1884. In July 1886 Ada Reilly Sims passed the examination for admittance to Red Maids.




Henry Flower - A groom in the service of Mr Tucker of Surrey Mews. He lived at 10, Wilson Street, St Pauls. In July 1885 he was riding a horse through Cumberland Street when the animal slipped and he sustained a compound fracture of the left leg.


Wilson Terrace, Wilson Street


1. Joseph Bridges

2-3. Harriett Thomas

4. George Case

5. William Blake, tailor

6. S. Barrett, painter, etc

7. Alfred Tucker

8. James Stokes


Windmill Hill, Whitehouse Lane


Edward Edgar, beer retailer

Edward Parsons, grocer

James Webber, boot maker, Clifton view cottage

Mrs Gummer, shopkeeper

Albert Stone,

Bethel Chapel (Congregational) founded 1855.

Windmill Hill Board School. Architect A R F Trew.


Sarah Annie Jones, vict, Rising Sun Alfred Road (Windmill Hill) 1853 - 63. William Old / 1871 - 72. Sarah Jones / 1874. William Cheeseman / 1875 to 1888. William Allen / 1889 - 92. John Crossman 1896 - 1917. William Haines / 1928 - 31. James Templar / 1933 - 50. William King / 1953. Walter Lippiatt.


William Bray, vict, Friendship Windmill Hill. 1871 - 1909. William Bray / 1914. Henry Bray / 1917 - 21. Maurice Gould / 1925. Rosina Gould / 1928 - 31. Rosina Parfitt 1935 - 38. Frederick Burchill / 1950 - 53. Frederick Thorne / 1960. R. C. Loveridge / 1975. D. W. Hooper.


Edwin Griffiths, vict, Saddler's Arms 1871. Edwin Griffiths.


(Providence Place)


Ann Callow, grocer

George Merritt, butcher


Stephen Hopper Hemmings, vict, Spotted Horse Providence Place (Mill Lane) 1842 - 58. Henry Wakefield / 1860 - 69. Samuel Barber / 1871 - 72. Stephen Hopper Hemmings / 1874 - 78. William Davey 1879. George Parker / 1881 - 97. Isaac Gould / 1899. William Brayley / 1904 - 38. Alfred Giles / 1944 - 50. Albert May 1953. Ernest Edward May.


Henry Parker, vict, Colston's Arms Providence Place, Mill Lane. 1775. Evan Williams / 1792. John Cox / 1837 - 40. James Parker / 1842 - 87. Henry Parker / 1888 - 1901. Charles R. Parker 1904. Frederick Bishop / 1904 to 1908. William Hamlyn / 1909 - 21. Thomas Horner / 1925 - 44. Edwin Nathaniel Watkins 1950 - 53. Frederick Prideaux.




John Cox (d. January 1899) Aged 43 of Alfred Road, Windmill Hill, found dead in bed. Inquest revealed he suffered pains in his chest. Verdict cardiac failure.


John Howell (d. February 1872) He was 46 when he was found dead in a limekiln on Windmill Hill. His wife Eliza, who had been separated from him for 5 years said he had formerly been a cooper, but due to drink he had had a paralytic seizure and had been put in the workhouse.. He had however left the day before and slept in the kiln where he was found dead by George Rogers a limeburner, on arriving for work.


Windmill Hill Terrace, Windmill Hill


New Mission, Windmill Hill This was opened in August 1884. Rev Canon Mather speaking at the ceremony said many years ago he had unsuccessfully tried to get a church built in the area and was glad to see that there was now a mission rooms. It was beautiful, inexpensive but in want of so many things, not even a harmonium as the one that was there that day had been lent to them. The room was capable of holding 230 people, being 45' 6" by 20' 6" with a gallery at one end and a movable platform at the other. On top of the building was a gilded weathervane representing a windmill. A design for a church had been approved at that time, but money was required to carry out the building of it.


Windsor Court, Blackfriars, Lewin’s Mead


Blackfriars Board School, Maudlin Street. Some members of staff as listed in directories, etc: J Whippey (Master), Miss Sophia Vigor (Mistress) 1883-1865 Miss Mitchell (Mistress) 1898.


Moravian Day, Sunday and Infant Schools, Blackfriars and Maudlin Street. In 1872 for 100 boys and 100 girls. Some members of staff as listed in directories, etc: Mr Stockman (Master, Miss Vigor (Mistress) 1872.


Windsor Court, Temple Street


Windsor Court, Kingsland Road


Windsor Terrace, Whitehouse Lane


William H. Gregory, chemist

Thomas Webb, greengrocer

Samuel Hignell, grocer, etc


John Perrett, vict, Forester's Arms Whitehouse Lane. 1871. James Perrett / 1872. John Perrett / 1874 - 77. James Crof / 1879 - 89. Wellington Beaven / 1891 - 1917. William Evans 1921 - 35. Arthur Evans / 1936 - 1937. Caroline Evans / 1937. Grace Johnson / 1944 - 53. Caroline Sutor.




Henry Dalton - In February 1872 he was 35 years old, a labourer of 28, Windsor Terrace, Bedminster. He had been unloading bags of sugar from the ship Zanzibar, when he stumbled and fell about 20 feet into the hold and died on the spot. An inquest was held.


Windsor Terrace, Granby Hill, near Paragon, Clifton


1. Joseph Tinn

2. Mrs McGeachey

3. Michael Castle

4. Rev. Walter J. Whiting

5. Isaac Allan Cooke

7. Henry Tayler

10. Miss P. Usher

Herbert De Winton, Windsor villa

William F. Fox, 1, Windsor place

Arthur Carter, 2, Windsor place


Windsor Terrace, St Paul’s


1. William Garrard

2. Robert Couch

3. Samuel James Toleman

4. Mary Matthews

5. Thomas Austin

6. Noah Browning

7. Charles Wathen

8. Sarah Harding

9. William Besley (police)


Windsor Terrace, Totterdown


Mark Thomas

George Richardson, shipping agent

W. Bucknell

Thomas Powell

Felix Raistrick

Charles Thomas, builder

Robert Goddard

John Wallbridge

William Paul, mason

Charles Woodman, cooper

J. L. Vincent, pianoforte tuner


Windsor Terrace, Woolcott Park


Henry Long

Benjamin Vowles

James Heard

J. R. Freeman

Charles Blackburn

Herr Voit, professor of music

George Vinney

Miss Chapple

George Towning

H. R. Wheeler

James Chard, British schoolmaster

Alfred R. Watson, professor of music

H. Evans

W. French, grocer & provision factor




George Wolfe 1834-1890 Born in Bristol, adopted in early life by a Mrs Buckley of Windsor Terrace, Clifton. Painted marine views and landscapes, oil and watercolour. On his marriage went to live in Hampshire.


Wine Street, Corn Street to Narrow Wine Street


1. Mary Bell, fishmonger & fruiterer

J. W. Trew, surveyor

F. Powell, lithographer

2-3. William and Alfred Edwards, hosiers, glovers, etc

4. Samuel Miller, stationer, fancy depot

5. George Nattriss, confectioner

6. Cotterell Brothers, paper-hangings manufacturers

7-8. O’Handlen & Co., umbrella & fishing tackle manufacturers

9. Samuel J. Burman, watch maker, etc

10. Charles M’Millan, tailor and draper

11-13. A. T. Maishman, milliner and fur manufacturer

14. Baker & Burt, ladies’ outfitters, etc

15-16. Charles and Son, tailors

17. Ridler, Coulman, & Co. Manchester warehousemen, etc

18. Joseph Vincent, brush & comb maker

19. G. Edwards and Son, outfitters

20. John Catlin, brush and comb maker

21. Edward John, hat maker

21. O. Ransford, wholesale hat maker

22. James Candy & Son, linen warehouse

23. John Stroud, chemist

24-26. John W. Langdon & Co. woollen merchants

27-28. Gray & Co., milliners, etc

29. J. Barker, glass and china warehouse

30. William Pockson & Son, fringe and fancy warehouse

31. Maurice Michael, watchmaker and pawnbroker

32. Wills, Biggs and Williams, general warehousemen

33-35. S. Weston, milliner and mantle warehouseman

36. Thomas Bale, watchmaker, etc

37. Martin Wintle, silk mercer, etc

38. Henry Peart, straw warehouse

39. Hillyer & Trew, hosiers & lacemen

40. Thomas Thompson, hosier & laceman

41. Henry Jacob Allis, watch maker

42. David Hyam, outfitter

43. Sharp and Granger, linen drapers

44. Todd and Co. outfitters

45-47. Snow and Taylor, linen drapers, silk mercers, etc

48. Coombs & Co. woollen drapers

49. J. Lodge & Co. bonnet, fur, and mantle warehouse

50-54. Baker, Baker, & Co. warehousemen, drapers, etc

55. Richard Taylor, linen draper, etc

56-60. Jones & Co. linen drapers, etc

61-62. D. P. Belfield & Son, toy & fancy goods warehouse

63-64. J. A. Hodgson, hosier and outfitter

65. J. Baker, hosier and shirt maker

66. Maurice Moore, tobacconist and foreign money exchange

67. Thomas W. Tilly, hat & umbrella maker & fancy bag dealer


Adam and Eve, Wine Street (also listed as Wine Street Passage) For sale on 19th January 1860 as in the possession of George Knowland under lease for 14 years from 14th September 1857, rent £105. Freehold and free. Listed in Inn and Commercial Tavern section.


Information on landlords: F Probart 1824 Edwin Ward 1836-40 George Knowland 1852 G Knowland 1867 George Frederick Knowland 1878 Elizabeth Knowland 1882. Notes: Richard Trotman described as 'late landlord' died aged 46 at Coronation Road on March 20th 1840.


Notes: Mr Knowland had a disagreement with T Jones of Jones & Co when the firm's new store was being erected in Wine Street owing to a part of a cellar used by Mr Knowland being purchased by Mr Jones during the construction. This boiled over on 1st May 1855. Mr Jones had been celebrating a win in Chancery with a group of friends at the house of Mr McMillan, consuming half a dozen bottles of champagne between them which they decided would benefit froma a brandy and water chaser. So they went to the Adam and Eve, whereupon Mr Knowland burst out, grabbed Mr Jones by the collar, pushed him against a wall and swore that he would not enter. After asking him by letter to apologise and send an amount to the Bristol Infirmary, to which there was no reply, Mr Jones brought a case against Mr Knowland that was heard at the Tolzey Court in July. After hearing the evidence the Recorder stated that it would be better settled out of court, which was done.


In 1856 John Baker was charged at Bristol Police Court with stealing three coats from the tavern, the property of Mr Knowland, the landlord. Baker, a recruit, to whom Mr Knowland was said to have shown great kindness, was said to have confessed his guilt and to be very contrite and on the landlord.s intercession the charge was dropped and Baker handed over to his sergeant.


In January 1870 it was reported that for many years Mr Knowland had placed on the smoking tables each Saturday a box in aid of the Royal Infirmary and General Hospital, He had regularly, until recently before his health failed, shaken the box before each customer in the 2 rooms with a friendly request for a penny. The collection for 1861 amounted to 25 guineas, in 1869 was £25 4s.


Mr Knowland was also a visitor at St Peter's Hospital and Robert James 'a big powerful man' who had been an inmate and knew him from this work was taken to court on 1868 for threatening him when he would not offer employment. In 1883 Mrs Knowland reported the collection boxes holding £2 12s 8d.


In March 1884 Albert O' Brien and Albert Richards were charged with having stolen a pint measure from the pub. It was noticed by a policeman that the measure was marked with 'Knowland, Adam and Eve' on the side. O'Brien said that he had ordered the beer just before closing time and could not finish it all so he had taken the cup away and was going to return it the next week. They were fined 11s without costs.




George Beard - In October 1892 was charged along with his elder brother George, with stealing dress material and other goods from Messrs Jones in Wine Street. George had been employed by the firm as a porter for 2 years. A shop assistant, Helen Anstey stated that she had cut a length of dress material and put it aside and when she returned it was missing. At 6pm George asked her for paper to wrap a parcel and when she followed him the cloth was found there. He pleaded guilty and when he was accompanied to 2, Orchard Street, the Batch, where he lived other pieces of material were found there. His brother lived in 54, Goodhind Street , where more material was found.


Eliza Emily Cottrell, of Wine Street. Declared bankrupt 2nd June 1868.


Joseph Dyer - A lodging house keeper of Wine Street, inserted a notice in the newspaper, February 1818, expressing thanks to the Governor, Deputy Governor and Guardians of the Poor for not prosecuting him 'for suffering Margaret Thomas, a single woman to lye in at my house of a Bastard Child, thus bringing a charge upon the parish of St Peter'.


Widow Foord - In 1757 was a glover. Lived near the Corn Market in Wine Street.


Catherine Forster (d. 18th January 1805) Eldest daughter of Mr Joseph Forster formerly an apothecary in Wine Street. Died in her 30th year of a consumption 'as did her two sisters, a few years past.' according to obituary notice.


Ralph Oliff - Landlord of the Three Tuns In Wine Street. Was sheriff in 1664 and mayor in 1673 and it is claimed he said he took office 'solely to persecute the Nonconformists.' Died aged 64 and was buried in the chancel of All Saints.


Mrs Oxley - In 1827 she and three of her children perished in a fire in Wine Street.


Philip Scapulis (d. 1590) Originally from Trier, a stationer lived in Wine Street. In 1577 he was involved (with others) in a dispute with the Attorney General regarding whether their houses which had previously belonged to the Merchant Tailors' Guild were therefore property of the Crown It was decided by jury that this was not the case. Wife Elizabeth, daughter Margaret, who was born in 1581 and died 4 years later. It is unlikely that he had any other children as they are not mentioned in his will which left bequests to cousins and godsons, neighbours and an ex-apprentice Richard Foorde.


Businesses Wine Street


The Don, 45 and 46 Wine Street (Clothing) The Bristol branch of the Don opened in 1883 under Manager W H Forsyth, who presided over a staff of 30. was one of many in towns throughout England. The upper floor housed workrooms, where at the end of the 19th century sewing machines were 'driven by an engine, also acting as the motor for the dynamo forming the generator for the electric light installation.' The height of technology in the high street.


While bespoke tailoring was carried on using these sewing machines, the ready to wear items were made at Stroud. This enabled them to charge the customer only one shilling per ready-made item over the cost price. The handsome premises were destroyed during the Second World War, although the company carried on. Moving to the top of Park Street, particularly noted in the later years as recommended suppliers of school uniforms.


Parnall & Sons, Narrow Wine Street Parnall's - much more than shop fitters, although this advertisement was specifically aimed at the grocery trade.


H G Parnall founded the business in 1820 and in 1893 it was being described as 'immense', having become a limited company some four years earlier. As well as the main warehouse and showroom in Narrow Wine Street, the company had an iron and brass foundry at Rosemary Street and a steam joinery at Fairfax Street. Scales and weighing machines (including the Patent National Balances invented by Mr Parnall and 20,000 sold between 1883 and 1893) were manufactured at Fishponds. The Patent Agate Hand Scales were described as 'specially worthy of the attention of tea dealers......when suspended above the counter they will work three times as long as any other scale without getting out of order'.


The wide range of items manufactured and supplied also included weighbridges (suitable for railway companies, collieries and public corporations), scoops, sack lifters, barrows and trucks, canisters (in large variety), counter boxes and window show trays, show glasses, butchers' and other warranted cutlery, marble top tables (for restaurants etc), show stands, treacle cisterns, safes and cash boxes, patent tills, provision tickets, window name plates, tobacco cutters and tobacconists' fixtures, chairs, bottling machines hand carts, coffee mills, tea mixers, hoists, lifts and gas engines.


They employed 10 representatives on the road and 400 workmen.


Winscombe Buildings, Frogmore Street


Winscombe Court. Frogmore Street


Winsford Street, Pennywell Road, Stapleton Road


Joseph Thorley, painter, etc

Thomas Curtis, tailor, etc

Mary Gapper, greengrocer, etc

James H. Cole, grocer & tea dealer

George Woolley

Mrs Mary Young

Charles Turner, mariner

Charles Shapland

Thomas Rutley, shoe maker

Joseph Snell, tanner, etc

Alfred Johnson, mechanic

William Rowe

Fitzroy Robert Colborne, painter and glazier

John Jennings, baker

Simeon Millman, tea dealer


Mary Jenkins,vict, Pine Apple Pennywell Road. In 1881 Mary Jenkins described herself as 'publican - out of business'. 1853. Robert Fewing / 1854. Mary Fewing / 1861 - 66. James Webber / 1867 - 79. Mary Jenkins / 1883 - 1904. William Whitaker 1909 - 21. Charles Tristram / 1925 - 38. Henry Castle / 1944 - 53. Edith Holbrook (James Webber was a publican, and potato dealer).


Winsley Villas, Coburg Road, Montpelier


Woburn Place, near Grenville Place, Hotwells


Woodbury Place, Black Boy Hill


Woodbury Terrace, Blackboy Hill


Woodland Road, Tyndall‘s Park to Cotham Road


Miss Butt, Bannerleigh house

James Proctor, Moreton house

Robert H. Symes, Carlton house

Capt. Charles Mallard, R.N. Dundonald house

Thomas N. Harwood

Augustus Phillips, Lansdown house

J. S. Marchant, Somerville house

William Sturge, Chilliswood house

John Hill Morgan, Parklands house

Alfred Gardiner, Dale villa


Iron Church In the fashionable suburb of Clifton, amid the large villas, a mission church was built of iron in 1865. Plans were drawn up for a permanent church by the celebrated architect James Piers St Aubyn, his only church in Bristol, and building was slow, 1870-81. His planned steeple, similar in appearance to that built at Christ Church, never rose above the basement stage and serves as a rather enormous NW porch.


Concerns about the stability of the building brought in John Bevan and he rebuilt part of the nave and chancel, completed 1909. It survived in use until 1976 when the parish was joined to St Saviour. The joint parish purchased the redundant Highbury Chapel c1975 which in turn was restored and rededicated to St Saviour & St Mary, Cotham to replace both buildings. The BBC purchased the Tyndall's Park church for use as a scenery store. The interior was subdivided and a new entrance created in the north aisle. The church was acquired in the mid-1990s by a free-church congregation, and now in use as the Woodlands Christian Centre. Work began in July 2000 to convert the upper floor into supported housing and the ground floor is to be retained for worship.




Abergeldie, Woodland Road, Clifton No 19 in road. left hand side going towards Park Row.


Bannerleigh, Woodland Road, Clifton No 15 in road. left hand side going towards Park Row.


Carlton House, Woodland Road, Clifton No 11 in road. left hand side going towards Park Row.


Dundonald House, Woodland Road, Clifton No 9 in road. left hand side going towards Park Row.


Gordon Lodge, Woodland Road, Clifton No 17 in road. left hand side going towards Park Row.


Woodland Terrace, Hampton Road to Auburn Road


1. David Clarke Lindsey

2. Miss Eliza Peters

3. M. A. H. Wood

5. Caroline Ridgway

6. Edward Joseph Heyre


Woodwell Cottages, White Hart Lane


Woodwell Crescent, Jacob's Wells


Woolcott Buildings, Lower Redland Road to Clyde Road


1. William Pincott

2. John Guppy

3. Benjamin Hall, grocer

4. Mrs Boxwell

5. Thomas Gammon

6. George Morgan, dairyman

7. George Parsons

8. James Carp

9. Walter Mizen, junior

10. Walter Mizen, senior

11. John Shorland, carpenter

12. Maurice Taylor, carpenter and stationer

13. Jeremiah Wicks

14. John Henson, boot maker

15. John Bool

16. William John Woodman

17. Enos Boulter

18. ?. Fear

19. John Knight

20. Enoch Ford

21. Isaac House, greengrocer & fruiterer, Fairfield cottage

22. Thomas Roberts, dairyman

23. T. Roberts, teacher of the piano, etc

24. Mrs Ann Ricketts

Miss Catherine Downs, dressmaker

William Johns

John Smith


Thomas Skyrme, vict, Shakespeare Tavern Lower Redland Road 1867 - 75. Thomas Skyrme / 1876 - 83. Emma Skyrme / 1885 - 92. Jane Marie Tavener / 1894 - 1928. Jane Marie Row 1931 - 35. John Pullen / 1937 - 50. William Hardwell / 1953. Lily Rose / 1975. A. T. H. Bryant Jane Marie Tavener/Rowe was the niece of Thomas and Emma Skyrme.


Woolcott Park, Clyde Road to Lover’s Walk


Uriah Mullett, dairyman & haulier

William Knowles, Rhosven lodge

Albert Gribble, Wynn house

Robert Acton Dodds, Gordon house

?. Stockwell house

Capt. Thomas W. Hives, Marlbro’ villa

George Gatchell, Carrville villa

Mrs Frankland Evelyn villa

W. B. Morgan, Brockley villa

Mrs Mary Harris, Merton villa

Mrs Hannah Hall, Eversley house

Alfred Albert Holmes, Northcote house

Arthur G. Heaven, Lyndhurst villa

Mrs Francis Gatchell, Sunnyside villa

Alfred P. Menefy, Dunmore villa

Mrs John Dix, Penmaen villa

Mrs Mary Ann Williams, Kingmead villa

Christopher Pocklington, Didsbury villa

William Arthur Leonard, Woolbury villa

John Clarke Wallop, Innisville villa

Miss C. Dickenson, Sidney lodge

George Young Home, Roseville villa

James Bailey, Sidney house

Mrs Edmond Gill, Old Cleve house

?. Rock house

Edwin Tardrew, Newlands villa

Henry Wansborough, Bewdley villa

?. Ahorn house

James Buck, Brookville lodge

Jesse Harris, Clarefont house

Eliza Knowles, Myrtle lodge

Dennis Fairchild, Melrose villa

Miss Chard, Gouldnappe house

?. Fripp, Carr villa


St Saviour's Infant School, Woolcott Park. In 1898 for 100 children. Some members of staff as listed in directories, etc: Misss A Coombe (Mistress) 1898.


Charles Seaman - Living at 6. Leigh Villas, Woolcott Park when prosecuted by Bristol School Board in January 1875 for not sending children to school and fined 3 shillings.


Woolcott Park Terrace, Woolcott Park


George Henry Pike, Gifford lodge

Mrs Isabella Butler, Wilton villa

Christopher Waltham Porter

Miss Morgan, ladies’ school


Worcester Crescent, College Road (South)


Woodforde Ffookes

Joseph B. Powell

Admlral James Vashon Baker

Graham Campbell

Mrs Radcliffe

Montagu Gilbert Blackburn

Miss Elizabeth Salmon


Worcester Lawn, College Road (South)


Joseph L. Roeckel, professor of music

Rev. Beedam Charlesworth

Mrs Christian C. Jones

Dr. George Thompson


Worcester Terrace, Clifton Park


Frederick William Badock, Badminton house

Misses Haycock

Henry Pritchard

Charles Stewart Clarke

Rev. Nicholas Pocock

Rev. F. Vaughan Mather

William Edward Fox

Lady Molyneaux

Arthur Montague

Mrs Catherine Span

Robert Dow Ker

Rev. Philip Ashby Phalps

Gwinnett Tyler


Sshools Clifton Park


Anna Maria Notley & Louisa Nascele Harris, school, Worcester House, Worcester Terrace.


Miss Bartlett's School for Young Ladies, Badminton House, Clifton park, Clifton. Listed 1898.


Clifton High School for Girls, Clifton Park, Clifton.


A R Douglas' School for Young Gentlemen, Colchester House, Clifton Park, Clifton. Listed 1898.


Worcester Villas, College Road (South)


Francis Black, M.D. Worcester lodge

William Killegrew Wait

George Wills

Major Owen, Barham lodge

Swinfen Jordan, Cherith lodge


Wordsworth Terrace, Woolcott Park


World’s End, White Hart Steps, Jacob’s Wells


Worrall’s Road, Caroline Row, Durdham Down


Wright’s Court, Pipe Lane, Temple Street

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