Bicycle + Plants = Going Green

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Going green seems to be the only solution to the problem of Global warming. To go green we " the Humans" need to change our habits. Using bicycle to commute instead of polluting through energy consuming vehicles along with growing as many plants as possible can make a great difference to save this planet!!

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  1. ©Marie Eve K.A.❦ (away..) 80 months ago | reply

    Wow! wonderful! Very beautiful!!

    Your fantastic color picture is my winner!
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  2. ccindigirard 80 months ago | reply

    Great title & image!!! and no truer words could be written...I can't quite figure out what everyone is waiting on...need to act now.

    This is one of a kind piece of work !!!
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  3. kodiyan 80 months ago | reply

    Its really really great job.... lovely

  4. Mohan.M. 80 months ago | reply

    Thank you friends for your wonderful comments!!

    I agree with you ccindigirard, it's already high time to act before things get worse and become irreversible :))

  5. Anoop Negi 80 months ago | reply

    Lovaly shot. Never fails to be pretty..

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  6. Steel Steve 80 months ago | reply

    You are my Golden Photographer as well!

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  7. nilgun erzik 80 months ago | reply

    FFP Award
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  8. .krish.Tipirneni. 80 months ago | reply

    very beautiful capture.
    happy to see ur pics being related to beautiful causes :)

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  9. me_a_beginner 80 months ago | reply

    very beautiful!

  10. langkawi 80 months ago | reply

    Nice shot and I agree - adding mine (hope you don't mind):
    Wonder why...

  11. job_earth 75 months ago | reply

    beautiful suggestion! ;-) hope the world listens...
    77. “God’s Children unite to protect Earth”

  12. °Cactus*Pixie° - War is something I DESPISE - 72 months ago | reply

    Very cute and colourful shot!

    This is a great Transport pic!
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    Thank you

  13. LittleGoldWoman 71 months ago | reply

    I did this. I had a white bike and I put it out near my mailbox with a white basket. I went and bought flowers for it and before I could plant them someone stole it. I dont know if it was the garbage men or my stupid neighbors who dont appreciate art of any kind in your yard.

    Its ok though.
    I have more bikes in the back yard.


  14. piciman 70 months ago | reply

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  15. bkwdayton - on hiatus 60 months ago | reply

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  16. mariedoucet 58 months ago | reply

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