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Laid Back Lemur? Yeah Right!

This Red Ruffed Lemur looks like he was all kicked back chillin out, but it's like an optical illusion. In reality he was a spaz attack, flipping and jumping all around like he was fighting some invisible ninja lemur rival. The other Red Ruffed was perching on a branch with her back to me watching his free for all 1-on-none battle too. (I say he & she, but I may have them mixed up). I was just plain lucky to get this shot, he must have paused for a millisecond as I snapped the shutter.


Red ruffed lemurs lack extensive digit coordination, so they groom themselves and each other with their teeth. Six bottom teeth form what is called the toothcomb, and a specialized claw on the second toes of their hind feet is used to brush their long, fluffy coat.


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Taken on August 21, 2011