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A Redesigned "For Lease" Banner | by martymadrid
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A Redesigned "For Lease" Banner

Thought I'd take a stab at trying to design a better "For Lease" banner. I walk my dog around downtown D.C. every day and see dozens of these plastered throughout the city; it was worth a shot when it came time for us to have our own.


White on red most certainly is highly visible; right or wrong, I decided that it was "most appropriate" because despite subjective opinion, big red letters on a white banner most typically visually subconsciously connote "for lease" or "for rent" (you're brain can identify what this means before you've even processed it; if you're on the look out for space, your eye will catch this much better).


Because of the unique location of our studio space, we get lof of traffic ... those who drive by on their daily commute, those who stare in wonderment as they're stuck in traffic and then those that walk by street-level; so, I decided to design for these different audiences/situations. Each content area is sized appropriately with relevant content that can be consumed on each different level.


The first column hits the basics; phone numbers still rule supreme, even in this smart phone mobile web world we live in. Knowing it's a commercial lease and the square footage are the two biggest considerations (and then third-up is price -- but we decided to leave that off). Showing the dollar amount for price and our signing bonus felt visually confusing ... we decided that the signing bonus was more important/more enticing.


The second most column explains why the space is up for lease (and subtly helps our own brand image, we don't want the neighborhood thinking we Mario Kart'ed our way out of business -- the dream still lives!). Have you ever been on a first date with someone who seemed to good to be true? The first question is always, "if you're so amazing, why are you still single?" ... if this space is so amazing, why would we leave it? We've included some incentives for those most likely to take the space (start-ups): short-term lease and nice little up-front cash ... and of course ...a URL for more goodness. We've since started using "", which is a bit easier to remember.


The third column is for those starring into the space on foot, street-level. We thought we'd put together a little real estate jargon charm and describe what you might not be abel to see by just pressing your forehead to the window ... and yes, a QR code. It's a technology with debatable relevance, but it fit, aesthetically broke up the content nicely and we thought it'd be a cute play for a "creative web design agency" that has been known for doing some pretty amazing things on mobile.


Again, somethings are both practical for moving the space and strategic for brand appeal.


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Uploaded on July 15, 2011