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Day 340/365 - Boiling over! | by Michael Herb
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Day 340/365 - Boiling over!

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I don't know why I awoke at 8:30 am after only 3.5 hours of sleep, but I did. I was up and I thought, "I might as well take advantage of this" I rolled out of bed, took a shower, ate breakfast and got right to work. Chipping away at the mountain of work I had to do. Edits, emails, research, phone calls, updates… It was a productive day to say the least.


Productive alone, would of been great if it wasn't for the bad news I got from the biggest client of the month. It seems the Viacom being the Goliath company they are, was taking their sweet time getting back to us pertaining to the contractual availability of our model Lea. We had to make a decision and unfortunately it was not one that I wanted to have to make… We chose to cut our losses and move in a different direction. We couldn't afford to put everything on hold any longer in hopes that they will get around to making a decision wether she could model with out conflict of interest. Wether she is able to or not, we had to walk away from this one. You can't win them all and I just wish we had all the info we do now, one month ago.


So, with that bomb, we were now left with finding another attractive, tattooed, female model between 5'7" and 5'11". Not as easy as you'd think. We dug deep and found a model in Albany New York. If all checks out, we will be flying her out to Palm Beach to shoot on our newly scheduled day of December 19th. We also scrapped the idea of an on location shoot. We will shoot against a grey backdrop and I will build up a layered background that will add interest but not take away from the product. I will grab background shots from locations around the country on my trip starting the 28th of this month.


So, with all the going on I still had to come up with an idea for Day 340. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get into the creative mood. I just felt like my head was going to explode and thats where this idea came from.


I felt like my brain was going to boil over with all the shit going on in my head. Models, and shoots, and pre production, planning, contracts, edits, the project… If I wasn't on the phone today I was emailing. At one point I was talking to a client while video chatting with Joyce. I can typically do more than one thing at a time so today I was video chatting with Joyce while editing. It was better than sitting in silence and at least I feel like she's not so far away.


So… this was originally shot for a composite against a grey backdrop. However, once I masked it out I noticed that it looked pretty bad ass against white. I adjusted the edit to work on white and liked the final result.


I'm now 14 hours into my work day and I'm beat. I'm ready to shower, relax and fall asleep. Hopefully tomorrow I will be just as productive and half as stressed. 25 more days and I can really relax.




AB800 Med Gridded Softbox at both 10:00 and 2:00. 3/4 power

AB800 Beauty Dish Boomed overhead at 6:00 1/4 power


Triggered Via Cyber Syncs and Commander.

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Taken on December 6, 2011