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Day 200/365 - Now this is really getting out of control!

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It's a mystery as old as clothing itself. The unexplainable disappearance of socks during the drying process. Some say it's a small sacrifice to the dryer gods while others say they get caught up in between the dryer cylinder and dryer wall. I'd like to believe they go to a better place. A place where all socks are created equal. Where long socks can play with ankle socks without fear of discrimination. It's a magical place that always smells of fresh laundry and foot odor is never a fear.


What ever really happens to socks is not the concern, it's the fact that no matter how many socks I buy, I end up losing half of the them within 6 months. Over the years I've just come to terms with the fact that socks are an expendable item of clothing similar to how sponges are to the kitchen.


Today I was working on a new an improved video breakdown for my more complex shots, I was really into it and wasn't up for getting all into some crazy shot involving 12 lights and 300 separately shot elements. My computer is already running slower than molasses in the dead of winter, I fear that I will be coming to a complete and grinding halt in a matter of days!


Tonights shot was to be simple, straight forward with as little photoshop work as possible. Of course when I say "as little as possible" I really mean no more than 30-45 min. I stuck to my guns and made sure I didn't get too into this shot. A simple image of the sock monster and good 'ole Joyce fighting with all she has to hold on to the last black sock.


It was a simple setup with only 1 light. I placed the Nikon Speedlight set on Full power in the dryer facing the back. This would serve as a sort of beauty dish and bounce and spread the light. It worked good and 1 light was all I needed. Now in reality if I had more room I would have shot it with 3 lights and had the dryer tipped up on its back with Joyce standing on it. This would give the appearance of here hair being sucked in the dryer and show more realistic muscle tone in her legs and arms. I would have then rotated the image 90º in post. Unfortunately my laundry room is nearly not even big enough to walk in, let alone shoot in. the wide angle lens was a must and I still could have used a bit more room.


Post production was quick and only involved bringing the sock monster to life. A little mist/fog/smoke/dust and then some quick strokes with a purple brush. I warped a bit of Joyce's foot and hands to give the small impression that she was being sucked into the nether world of lost socks.


Not really sure how this one will fair with the masses. Some people just don't find humor in missing socks. We'll just have to wait and see.




Nikon SB-25 bar, 24mm zoom in dryer.

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Taken on July 19, 2011