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Roger the parrot | by Cyclingrelf
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Roger the parrot

Just before Christmas, Roger the parrot stopped eating. This is a very bad sign for parrots.

He also sat on the floor of his cage with his wings and tail drooping down and stopped talking. He stopped being naughty. He started trying to get people to scratch his head and would sit for ages with them ruffling his feathers. We put the heating on high so that he wouldn't waste any energy keeping himself warm, put a damp bath towel under his cage to keep the humidity high and offered him honey dissolved in water, which he was prepared to take in small quantities.


The vet came and gave him an antibiotic injection, but didn't really hold out much hope. He said we should tempt Roger with little bits of his favourite food and anything else we might be having. Roger refused: chocolate, dried bananas, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts, freshly cracked nuts, millet and orange pieces, all of which he normally relishes. However, he did eventually agree to eat dry roasted peanuts proferred to his beak one at a time. He only ate about 5 per day, but at least it was something!


Gradually, he improved on his diet of honeywater and dry roasted peanuts and his diet increased slowly to include fruit juice and peas. We knew he was getting better when he bit my mum! It's a very good sign when parrots start to be naughty again.


Here he is sticking his head out of the hole where his water dish normally sits and biting the outside of his cage. He is now back in full health and wondering why we aren't still waiting on his every whim in the manner to which he had grown accustomed!


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Taken on December 24, 2008