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115/365 # Pretentious guitarist's pose #1 | by Dаz
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115/365 # Pretentious guitarist's pose #1

Well, so much for drenching my 365 in a wash of vibrant colours - here's another B&W effort.


We had a band rehearsal today, we've got a gig next weekend so we were trying to tidy up a few songs and add some to the set.


In the end only Slide Away and Enter Sandman made it - but Enter Sandman did sound cool.


It was so hot today, god knows why I decided to wear jeans and two black shirts . . . it got musty, let's put it that way. There's no room in the world big enough to filter out the essence of five blokes on a hot day ha ha! Eww.


Anyways, grossness aside I think we're pretty well rehearsed. And I sure am looking forward to banging out Enter Sandman next weekend.


I took this shot while we were setting up. This is in the gym at the youth club where we practise. Those of you that are veterans of my 365 will remember it from day 73 - a shot I really like.


I so wanted to get the orange walls in this shot, but I stumbled on this treatment and it looked so cool! Like the inner sleeve of an album where the guitarist poses all pretentious like to make himself look cool and moody . . . well, that's what I did anyway.


I had this idea before I went to practise to use the widest angle I've got (18mm) and get some big headstock action goin' on - it kind of worked but not 100% how I wanted it too. I wanted to go to f22 to avoid any depth of field issues but there wasn't enough light so I could only stop down to about f13 (or thereabouts), so there's a bit of fuzziness about my person if you get up close. Oh yeah, and I bumped the ISO up to 800 to compensate for the bad light. The good thing is the treatment makes it quite grungy so I think I've gotten away with it. And actually I've just seen it big on black and I like the slight fuzziness about my person.


So there you go! That was my day. Next up is my week of early finishes every day till Friday when I've got a whole day off! An enforced day off as well!


Coooooooool and the gang . . .


PS: Notice the deliberate mistake? I left my pick in the strings at the top of the neck, which makes me look a bit silly . . . bugger.


Enjoy the pretension

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Taken on September 28, 2008