Moalepe Trail
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Moalepe Trail begins at the yellow trail gate and looks more like a dirt road than a trail. It can be very muddy and rutted at times. The trail is often used by equestrians for a good riding trail. Both sides of the trail are fenced for the first mile. The area has views of lush pasture land and dotted with Philippine orchids while the Kamalii Ridge climbs into the Makaleha Mountains. There are a couple of nice waterfalls off to the east which you get a better view of the further you go. After a gradual incline the trail begins to switchback and forth and near the end of the trail it becomes increasingly muddy.
The trail ends at a wooden bridge where the Kuilua Ridge Trail begins. Combining the two trails makes for a great hike with some beautiful views. You will need someone to pick you up at the other end unless you backtrack your way back.

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