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Powerline Trail South View : The trail leading from Wailua is very lush with tropical views of the native Hawaiian rainforest and waterfalls. To reach the trail, turn off on Hwy 580 and go 8 miles past Coco Palms, Opaekaa Falls, and the Keahua Forest Arboretum. After crossing the stream past the KFA, the road turns to packed dirt and the parking area is about ¼ mile up the hill on the north side of the road. The trail is a hunting and service road for the transmission powerline companies. The trail begins uphill with rocky bowling ball sized slick rocks. The trail changes to slick red dirt after ¼ mile and has 5 foot ferns lining the dirt roadway path. There
are some pretty steep sections followed by low areas filled with large water puddles
crossing the road and trail. Usually there is a pathway around the water which is just water in deep road ruts. There are several nice overlooks and after 2 ½ miles you rreach the Lower and Upper Kapakanui Falls. The falls are located against a mountain covered in ferns and different shades of green. That was our destination and then turned around to hike back to our car.
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