Powerline Trail -North End, Kauai Hawaii
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Powerline Trail North View : To reach the trail from the north, take the Princeville Ranch Stable turn off and go to the end of the road about 2 miles. There is a small parking lot next to the green water tank. The trail rolls gently up and down for the first 2 miles. There are several smaller trails both left and right that come off the main trail. These trails are dead ends and are viewing spots and after a quick look you’ll turn back around to connect with the main trail. The best viewing spot is
about ½ mile up on the north side. You begin the smaller trail through a nice clearing with ferns growing around the trees. We counted aver 10 waterfalls from the overlook looking down a beautiful green and lush valley. The largest fall was Namolokama Falls on the north face of Namolokama Mountain. The trail starting from the north view has 180 feet of elevation change the first 2 miles.
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