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Story behind that bokeh ;-)):D

It happened Day before Yesterday. I was watching Lost from couple of hours on my iPod then I feel my palm of my left hand is hurting I like to scratch it. I scratch many times then a myth came in my mind, "New expenditures ar eon the way and as result :D You gonna lost money if you have rash in your left hand and want to scratch:(" and yeah if you scratch your right hand money will come from where you can't even guess;-)) [it's just a saying but whenever I feel to scratch my left or right hand came to my mind) there was some burning sensation So I just thought to see what is going to make me waste of my money soon :arrgh" in light what is it I turn on the light and saw :~) a red line or like if you burn your hand and something with water came up(in Urdu it called AAbla I don't know what is it in English though :D) So I realize that shape of this burn is like corner of IPod. so that was the result of being couch potato for longer period of time holding ipod in hand in theway it was hitting same spot of my hand in order to have good grip many times I hold tightly if sliping down from my hand. At that time I just washed my hands and put on some neosporine ointment on it. After turning off the lights I went to my bed and as I was going to sleep I have idea to show the world my new wound (not open wound but some kind of wound {closed wound??}) Any ways when I have thought of it I allready turned off the lights and I am too lazy to turn off and on lights again & again:( too much work. So I just use my Pakistani Cell phone in Pakistan cell phones have flash light in it:) not here in USA. As I fix the light on my hand on the spot and try to get better view of wound via my ipod I feel there was a great bokeh I have seen. So I just upload those pics first to see if any one can recognize my hand or not :P you know if I ask some one to help holding that flash light I might not get the images I have :D Now you Know what is it? ;-)))) Just be carefull of watching lengthy episodes on your ipod

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Uploaded on June 29, 2012