• This is a zebra. A donkey is usually brown or grayish in color. The black stripes and short mane make it a zebra. - fantartsy JJ *2013 year of LOVE!*
  • Thank you for point it out dear JJ I knew very well this is a Zebra:) by mistake I delete that line I explained why instead of donkey I have portrait of Zebra. From my childhood I can differentiate them by their uniform;-))
  • drbobayDaniel Bobay

Donkey/Ass...Khotaکھوتا(male) Khotiکھوتی (female)....Gadhaگدھا/ Gadhiگدھی(In picture is a Zebra though;-))

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Accidentally I delete this line before that above image is a Zebra painted by Dr. Daniel Bobay I just post this image with the story of donkey since I don't have any donkey picture in my any album:((
And how can one forget Donkey which is symbol for democratic party. So no chance to think it is a donkey not Zebra :D

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Donkey/Ass...Khotaکھوتا(male) Khotiکھوتی(female)....Gadhaگدھا/ Gadhiگدھی
When I was a kid in our city population was not that much as much now. And yes we spend our child hood playing in desert now there are house and houses no signs of that desert we had in out child hood all around our house and there was 6 or 7 houses together in neighborhood then other "Muhala" neighborhood on or two block from our lane and very peaceful. A man named Hafeez people called him "phiju" (his nick name) he had a khoti every early in the morning he went to nearest village to work in the field sitting on his khoti and every evening came back having grass or some time other items on khoti's back. Some time he walks with khoti some time with other stuff he liked to ride on her. Every day they both travel on same track. One day we were surprised seeng that khoti was coming back without Phiju but on the same track she did not se here and there just what she had done every day she pass through our street. And after 5 or 6 minutes we saw phiju also safe and sound coming from west side of the street. We asked him where were you been? We thought something happened to you? He just laughed and then I said you were not scared she can be lost??? He said she can't Who wants my khoti? and left. But we thought how come even he was not with her she just follow the track. And when Ishtiyaq uncle asked him he told him that every morning and evening when I be ready to go to fields and coming back I touched (kick) her back with my stick this is a sign (ishara) like an order for her to go. And even if I am not with her from first few days she has learn that she needs to walk on this track or trail and she is following that.
Well phiju is not in this world any more may he rest in peace.
I remember he had only one eye so people called him Phiju Kana kana mean one eyed person( That's rude but at that time they didn't care) His wife was so pretty and we ( all the kids) were astonished what a luck he has but they were divorced after a short while with a boy she was from Karachi and she marries a person in Karachi and her in-laws burned her alive but there was no case though:(
Other khota then that I remember that cartoon, A khota is running (donky dont give that maza {taste} what khota gave here:p)
A khota is running having a barbarian type rider on his back and that rider has a hanging gajar(carrot) in front of khota's eyes and that khota is running to get that. ( if I am not mistaking that called jackass???)Yes! when our society(society is that rider) is asking a mother just forget the contact with the kids. I am saying HEY I AM NOT A DONKEY?ASS I AM ZEBRA. I wont be just on the line you are asking me to follow I have my brain and heart to think and act. Yelling at her to have a job pay him thinking Poor divorced SATAY HOME MOTHERS AND HOUSE WIVES are working like a cow or khota in hope of one day having her kids with her and that day will not come. Yeah that thing that teller also understands that happened to her, when she asked me to raise my voice for those women being told that one day your kids will be with you and just get a job make your career and getting a job is not guarntee to get more time with kids or change to custody and visitation yeah that time can be reduced as in my case. My son Muawiz said, "mama we will not be kids anymore when we will 18, I want to be with you now as a kid mom:((( Yes sir we are taking away childhood of divorced mother's kids and blaming her she is not a fit mother to have kids for 50% time ?what I am saying they are using her kids against her saying hey you will get them if have a job an I am saying give her respect without her job don't try to control her as blackmailing using her kids. If I am a credible voter without a job, then I am not a credible party in family court divorce proceeding unless I have a job:D. Where our representatives need my vote they just love to get vote from a jobless mother but as she enters in a court room why don't have a job yet no credibility cool sadi vari aai tey khugo ro piya;-))

I want respect for a stay home mother even she doesn't have a job. Or don't allow a house wife if she doesn't have a job to become a mother unless she is able to get a job and ready to leave her child with baby sitter. So in the event of divorce nor child neither mother can feel there is any change in their life style. What a mind set when asking a mother to get a job saying that running two house holds is not possible or in the best interest of children aqal non hath pao mery law makers and judges a person making 7000 dollars a month is able to pay 1000 or 2000 dollars a day care but can not pay this amount which is less then 20% to their real mother?? and in order to make her band khoti they will just accuse her what she had never done :(((
This Art Work belongs to Dr.Bobay

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    -I found your fauna in:

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    Wow, informative, but sad, and frustrating!

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    Nice zebra image! It's funny, my daughter is old enough that our daycare bills have ended and we still struggle to pay all our bills! : )

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