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Bunny Tone Bushra:Dدل اتے اس دا قابو سی پر آنکہ شرارت کردی سی

Yesterday night around 11:30PM I was looking at a good looking's picture. Just a thought came to my mind "How my look is at this moment." My camera was in front of me and I just clicked. I really like my look. do I wwanna say LIKE???No no I wanna say I Love my look here;-))) Since I just realized that one of my eye is covered by hairs so it is adding a natural wink to my picture;-))) I was not aware how it will turned out and I guess it turns well;-))

In Punjabi Title can be Dill otey os da qabo si per ankh shirarat kerdi si ( Translate in English please some one!)

So when I have thought to share what was my prayer for this Easter day Prayer I have this image in my mind. But you are aware I like to tell the background of each picture a lot so I told you why and when I capture my self by clicking my camera and I like to add Free Bunny Tone from Picnik for Easter season:) now about my prayers usually I pray to God in Urdu but word "self sufficiency" I say in English because it does exist here a lot in Pakistan;-)))) I pray to the God, oh Allah hamarey qanoon sazon ko tafeeq ata ferma ke woh stay home mothers ke masail ko samjh sakin. Khas tor per jab woh ghrylo tashadud se tang a ker tlaq ke liey derkhwasat kerti hai tu bas danda le ker nokri per majbor kern ahi sab kuch nahi. Aey khuda mery puraney/sabiqa mulk Pakistan main mazhab ke nam per aur yahan majuda mulk America main braber ke huqooq aur braber ki zimadariyan plus so called self sufficiency ke nam per shaid shuda maon k aju istehsal hu raha hai, in ghareebon ki sun aur is istehsal ko band kerwa. Ameen sum Ameen


او الله ہمارے قانون سازوں کو توفیق دے کے وہ گھریلو ماؤں کے مسائل کو سمجھ سکیں. خاص طور پر جب گھریلو تشدد سے تنگ ا کر کوئی طلاق کے لئے درخواست کرتی ہے تو بس ڈنڈا لے کر اسے نوکری پر مجبور کرنا ہی سب کچھ نہیں. اے خدا میرے سابقہ ملک پاکستان میں مذہب کے نام پر اور موجودہ ملک امریکا میں برابر کے حقوق اور برابر کی زماداریاں اور خودکفالت کے نام پر شادی کر کے ماں بننے والی عورتوں کا استحصال ہو رہا ہے. ان غریبوں کی سن ور ا س استحصال کو بند کروا. آمین سم آمین.


Now I will try to translate even my translating abilities are not good now a days:(( I pray to God, " O Allah give our lawmakers strength to understand the problems of stay home mothers especially when a woman trying to get out of domestic violence and filed for divorce just pushing her for a job is not every thing. O God Stop Exploitation of stay home married women & mothers, in my former country in the name of religion and in my new or present country Unites States of America in the name of equal rights & responsibilities, furthermore; so called self sufficiency Amen

Now to God I don't need to explain what is the background of my prayers but for people I think I have to.( But some other time for this time just my prayer is enough:D I just wish how our law makers and law interpreters being worried and understanding for the problems of GAYS and bugs & beetles. They need to know that a mother especially after marriage if she is giving birth a child that is to complete their family. But why should we insist she must have a job and need to put or place her child in a day care so that means we are just asking her to become a mother to provide business a day care and afterwards we need workforce too. Habitat of bugs and beetles is more important then habitat of mankind :D Where father takes financial responsibilities and mother takes care of home. Since she gave birth a child and a man/husband can not do that here need to understand that if a woman is going to get a job she need to prove she can do what a MAN can do at this job ok just like a man here equal right & responsibilities will apply but where a MAN can not do what A woman DOES, How can you APPLY Equal Rights & responsibilities Doctrine there?But they are applying. Why our law interpreters(Judges) are not able to ask a Father that why are you discriminating mother of your children? 9 and half years she was your wife why you did not push her to get a job, now mother of your children filed for a divorce and all of a sudden you started barking she should find work? here In the NAME of Best Interest of Child we are providing all interests to MEN infect ?

Many women after giving birth a child sacrifice their career an din the event of divorce we are just making life harder for them why we are giving them a message that they just wasted their years to take care a family?? May be I am not able to say what I wanna say or how it should be but this is coming from my heart and those need to understand will understand if GOD desire;-))))

Take Care and Have a Nice evening all friends:) Thanks for keep reading till end;-)))

Here u go:D

I am just thinking if LONG TERM Relations to a MAN make him to" declared Prop 8 to be an unconstitutional violation of gay Californian's" that means what I am screaming for non of the judges has relations with Stay Home mother so they can understand discrimination against stay home mothers in family court.:D obviously if there is a woman judge she is also not a stay home mother so it's hard to understand hat if they did not have job that doesn't mean they are lazy an disrespect them in the court by yelling at them "WHY YOU DON"T HAVE A JOB E????"

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Uploaded on April 25, 2011