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Wish you a Very Happy Easter Break!!!Explore!

Watch in full screen please!!!:D

Happy Easter All. Bushra's Bunny band is here. Let see how we performed ;-))I believe hopping is excellent by experienced band members and new comer also:D

in this video

1.Dennis Graham: City of Milpitas is very lucky since this city has a police chief who is all rounder. Police chief with his duty he plays really well he is good in soccer.We were winning that match and his last second goal saves the day for Milpitas police department:) he is good in disguising also see his Halloween getup;-)))a good singer & dancer also and now you can see he hops very very good too;-)))

2. Mr. Daniel Jensen: Respected defense& family law Attorney known as Oooo Dan ;-)) Once upon a time my attorney . I want to tell you about him a lil bit he is really a good attorney and at first when I have search on internet he was the only attorney in Milpitas came up and as I was not able to drive at that time so thinking if I need to go there can go by myself I hired him then I fired him just thinking he is too expansive and other thing I was DAMN CONFIDENT that if fathe ris an abuser and domestic violence reports are on file he can not get the custody so I change to a new attorney and he messed up with the case and my EX got the primary custody and people said you have to hire a woman attorney women are more sympathetic to woman ok I talk to couple of Lady Lawyers most of them were afraid that it is complex case and one of them have said my fees is $500 per hour :O (keep in mind That was in 2005))her voice was like she is around 60s and I thought she probably is most like a man now. It's better I should hire a real man then;-))and hire back Mr. Jensen . And I don't know why but first time when I have Mr. Jensen as my attorney two or three people during my intake or in criminal court why you hire Mr. Jensen? I just say because I can't drive so I need my attorney in the area where I can go easily he is in Milpitas so I hire him. well second time when I hired him back he was in Santa Clara still there and I got my driver's license in three months after hiring him back:D What is Oooooo DAN? ok I filed for divorce and one day when my EX was yelling at me outside the court room deputy arrested him and I needed to go to the criminal court many times and there thinking I don't need an attorney here it's ok If I go there without Mr. Jensen so deputy DA's usually asked me who is your attorney in family court?? I said Mr. Daniel Jensen all the times they said, "OooooooooooooDAN:~O" So I missed that ooo Dan sound a lot when I have other attorney Scot Sagraia if I told any one no one knows him. So as I missed Law Offices of Daniel Jensen I hired them back ;-)))

Mr. Jensen is really a nice person, since 2007 I am representing my self in court after all he is not probono Lawyer but I want to admit he is one of those personalities I really love to see and talk . what have Mr. Jensen and Carol (Mr. Jensen's associate)done for me I really appreciate that. You wanna see what? Watch video by clicking link bellow :)

Now you can understand I really missed him when I lost custody of my kids:(:)

Thanks to them:)


3. Dr, Jeff Valley Medical got talent ;-)) Really a nice doctor very helpful. Great give his patient full attention and listened to them. I feel about him he is not a scavenger in ecosystem. What is the best interest of his patient he recommend that not to just get experience bring patient to operation table :)

Without any doubt Dr. Jeff krygier is a very nice & brilliant doctor.

Thanks to Dr. Jeff Krygier for being very very nice to this patient :D


4. Bill Strain:"

Our respected Flickr member I love his slide shows and working on one of them will upload soon :D

5. Bushra Aziz: ;-))))) Do I need to say something about her????;-))))


This Video is a surprise for all the participants also (Writing in fine print;-)))


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Uploaded on March 31, 2013