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Sunaon tumhin bat kal raat ki:D سناؤں تمہیں بات کل شام کیTelling you the Story of Yesterday :D

Yesterday January 28, 2011. Actually that was day but as Pakistani time that was night and making title line from poetry I have to say Sunaon tumhin bat kal rat ki;-)) So I hope you will understand why this is the tile

So now the story I went to Milpitas library and thought to inquire about nice apartments in front of library. Many times I try to find their leasing office but never found it. So if you know Bushra you must know these type of secert things got her attention and becoming anytype of perfect photographer or human being is never mygoal but now my goal was to day I have to see their leasing office of Devry Palace or some thing like this. Gain I have march to that buliding and knowing today is Friday once on weekend I was here and I ask three people two were not able to understand English and third one told me that I have to come here during week days. So other day I came but was not lucky enough to find way to their leasing office.Friday Ihad musamim irada strong will to find the way :D and you know where is a will there is a way :D but that kind of way bear with me and see;-)) I saw a very senior citizen walking along with his walker from library towards the building. I feel he might don't knwo English but I thought to try my luck I asked Excuse me do you know wehere is the leasing office?? He nod in positive way that he understand even he can't speak. (Os ne ishara kiay ke mery peechey peechey aao)He pointed that I have to follow him. I followed him then he pointed lik esaying office is on other side and he was going towards closed gate which is saying keep close and I wnet on other side again there is a Church I guess Milpitas Police Chief Dennis Graham attend services there) so I don't think Chruch had leasing office inside and they don't have entry this side so I went back after wondering seeing garage is open but I did not take risk to going inside and asking the person same question when I was coming back after failed investigation oh my God I feel rally embarrassed, That nice young fellow was still there waiting for me with gate. And I really feel sorry I made him to wait fo rme what he might thinking about me? He was saying that he will take the way for disabled persons use for thie walker as he had walker for support and I thought he is showing me to go other side any ways he opened the gate and we entered in nice place in hall way there was mail boxes he again ask me to stay and opened his mail box go this mail and dropped and I helped him to get that back and now with full obediently I was just following him that somethign wrong with me he is very helpfull even don't know the English well and he started walking phir ishara sa kiay ke agy chalo. Something like go on. Now:D:D we entered in elevator and he pushed button for third floor and sat on his walker as he is tired now how he looked at me I just realized he might even don't know I am with him. Oh he forgot he suppose to show me th eleasing office I thought thinking that leasing office can not be on third floor. Bushra aqal non hath pa kithy jandi pain aey I thought?? That use your brain Bushra even that;s hard enough for you that leasing office should be on first floor, he is taking you to his apartment how ever I compare my HIGHT and Health conditions to him and feel confident that in both I am better then him and he i snot looking a retired Ninja also let se perda-e-ghaib se kiy azuhoor main ata hai:D Now he came out of elevator and keys he has in a stripe around his neck opened his appartment and sho wme they way to the end of gallery as he pointed again I walk on that side there was at the end a nice VERY VERY yOung lady was sitting on a chair I asked her leasing office she smiled and said, 'Vietnami Vietnam" I understand she means sh edon't knwo the English but I rushed to the elevator before some one found this intruder inside the building but as I have reached on ground floor again I follow the Manager signes and after few seconds I was able to see closed door at the entrance there was a Note, " DAVID will be back and open office on January 28th 20110 at 11:30AM, He is on other location today." First thought came to my mind Hain david itni jaldi wapis a giya?? Just yesterday he save himself in Pakistan an dthey send him back that early?? and then I thought abbey this must not be Diplomat Don david;-)) he is some other one and today is 28 checked my cell and found yes I am right but But door is still closed and seems DAVID is not here yet?? I did not have my camera otherwise get that snap of that notice but I forgot at home. I have heard voices like some one is talking on the phone and thought to knock the door then saw that other Notice that our Waiting list is closed check website for openings in future. So thinking Ah even waiting list is closed why should I knock the door? I walk out of the building closing that gate and believe me I was laughing out loud at that incident, That was just like a comedy movie you know some times they showed this kind of characters forgetting what they were or are doing and started doing something else that young man forgot what was the task as he saw mail boxes and I just realized a lil late:D:D and reach to the 3rd floor lol

And you know about David I asked US consulate Lahore to send me a picture of Raymond David. but they three times sent me automated reply :((Acha mazaq nahi kiya unhon ne mery sath. Just automated reply was not a good joke believe me:((

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