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Wild Dream- Uncensored;-)) {Parental discretion is Advised:D} | by Bushra & Sons
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Wild Dream- Uncensored;-)) {Parental discretion is Advised:D}

Well this night I have seen a long dream and when I woke up I just laughed out loud on wildness of that dream and hav ethought to share with you guys lol Since I am willing to know th e "Tabeer" Interpretation of the dream from psychologists and, Priests, Mulanas, Lama Shaikhs of Egypt(If you know any one please:D) ETC any one who came up with conclusion are welcome but bear my replays too ok;-)) Interesting thing I have remembered this dream with all the details hahaha

Now dream is starting I have seen a nice Pakistani politician woman is walking to her car after meeting a corrupt politician who is a man with mustaches. Seems that political meeting was fail as she was worried and that was expected in that kind of conditions. While she was walking from his backyard I felt I am her and I was worried as he was trying to poke me with his finger from back if I try to save her back some one from other side harass me, even one or two hocker type women also do the same as that man has done and laughing at me as I came out of his house and not even took a sigh of relief the man grabbed me from back and i just thought Oh my God what to do no help here, what to do :((( WHile I ws trying to get out of that situation I have heard his Very LOUD scream and at that moment again I became a watcher and that woman and man were in front of my eyes I was trying to know what happend to that man looks like some one hit him from back other woman was hiding her self friend of this nice lady have done that and I have seen a white round pointed thing in the hand of that politician lady she is smiling now and i have figured it out that some on hurt that assholes ass badly now;-))) Now that man started walking t some where I thought probably he is going to mak epolice report hell with police and courts they can not stop a criminal to doing wrong things but when some one do in their own defense these type of people are able to make reports against them laws are just to stop those they are nice not the badpeople. While I was thinkingly I saw him entering a very big haweli/ mansion and he become so small there is his boss and when boss came out his face was just like Presh rawal and the man with bleeding ass was that small he was fit between his two leg on his knees and Presh rawal was wearing a dhoti rolling to his thighs so his private parts were visible to public , that was very ugly indeed any ways that man is touching his pennis bagging him something because of continuous screaming no one can understand what he is saying and boss even did not look at him asking from where this noise is coming and as that man was abegging touching that we saw boss might pee on his face but as that white stuff make a thick layer on his face we realized that was OX milk (Ox Milk a term Pakistani comidian Omar Shreef used in his play. One say to other hey there was no milk in house how you prepared tea with milk? other says I got milk from COW in backyard. First one says , :Hey that is not cow that is an ox/bull :~) Yuk" So I was going to throw up watching that and now boss noticed some one is there begging for somethign since he was sitting and touching soem thing he thought he is his gay companion and he became so very happy he went inside saying hey don't worry I will do what you want just a minute I am not done completely and at that point because bad man's fac eis covered with white stuff no one can recognize him and he can't tell them I am not that and my ass is allready bleeding please don't do that an dat that point I was praying to Allah oh God please please let him do that to him he deserves this he should not see his bleeding ass and yeahhhh as I wished bad boss of them came out and started making love think he is his gay companion and oh may my my his screams were all around I was feeling it might going to the sky too and we three were very happy seeing that a bad person was getting treat from his own group memeber or boss what he was going to do with that woman. Meanwhile some other people came out and they recognized me, that lady and my brother Muddasir and saying to each other hey they are our opponents and the man boss is fucking off is our sathi let get them first so they can not escape and I heard that and run to my friends and told them to leave this much is enough to watch and Muddasir opened a vortex and we went through that out of that dangerous situation after that dream was so calm and boring :D Enough until here . So any one can tel lthe tabeer???if you think about to see an assholes bleeding ass being fucked again that is so painful na??

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Uploaded on January 3, 2011