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Multan to Milpitas Saga Continuous:Dedicated to CuteSophie2010 | by Bushra & Sons
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Multan to Milpitas Saga Continuous:Dedicated to CuteSophie2010

My newest flickr friend CuteSophie2010 have asked me what happened next? And I realized last year I have started my true story and after a while I have lost because of my hardship:D Now again situation is "Mushkilain itni perin mujh pe ke asan hu gain" Poets says I have gone through that much hardship now troubles are pleasure for me:D Just like that after her question I have told her you may see kids are not with me. However; financial side story I want to share here.

After getting arrested he had called me from jail and yelled at me what have you done? you know my job will be gone because of you and asked me to arrange for bail for him. I told him I don't have any money, He said use my credit card you may find them in closet. Some one from bail bond will call you and just give them the card number. What have I done Sergeant Raj Maharaj have given me domestic violence victim card ( I forgot the color now) and I have called one of the listed numbers a nice guy talked to me and when I have told him My husband is saying for bail. He asked me did he beat you? I said YES he did and now he is saying for bail to you??? He asked again and said Maam don't be itchy about him POLICE & COURT WILL TAKE CARE OF HIM. his words are still in my brain and later I have received call from bail bond there was a girl I have told her my whole story after 11:30PM she might have time to listen to me and may God bless her she asked me he beat you? and now you just want to give him a lesson nothing else?? I said yes he is the father of my kids and I just want to let him know I know my rights, he thinks because I don't have a family here and don't know about the law I am getting abused but I know he is not allowed to beat me. My English was horrible at that time but may God bless her she understood and said don't worry go to bed I don't need credit card number. After half an hour he called me(collect call) again and said why you have told her all story? because it is truth I have said and he just was irritated,

Any ways on the day he was going to court one of my friend dropped me off near court after 7 years in United States first time I have feel I am free just like I have walk when I was in college and university. Without any fear. And I forgot to tell you one of his friend came to our home with his wife day before he was going to be in front of judge. And advised me to stay home he will take care of all things. when I have asked a person seems to be lawyer Sir where is criminal court? and he guide me to the building I have seen my husband's friend, HE WAS JUST SHOCKED SEEING me that how a woman can't drive never came out of house is reached here. Oh I have told you to stay home he said I said no i want to go to the court my father is a lawyer and I wished to be a lawyer in past but I never ever in a court before so I just want to see court from inside I might not have this chance again:D;-) and he was quite. and in court judge asked me what I want? I told her peaceful contact I just want to let him know i know my rights here and he was so scared 6 feet 3 inches man was so confused in orange:D hand cuffed was asking an African American inmate what should I say? and deputy and judge asked him not to talk other persons. first he said I am guilty judge asked him ok them this this and this you have to do and he said no i am not guilty so judge asked him then you have to do this need to go to district attorney's office and something else I forgot but I remember he again said no I want to plea guilty and judge who have checked 6 month jail term before cut down that and checked 3 years probation period. i was happy that first time in my 7 years life he speaks the truth that he beat me that mean he said Bushra is right truth full. But real stories started after that. I have received letter from next door solution where he was going to complete 52 weeks classes of domestic violence and one day probation officer came to our home with a lady and talked about thing every one was saying now he will play with your mind and he did some times late night about 2 or 3 am he woke me up saying tell me who is behind all of this?? No no no you alone can not do this. Some one is helping you, i said believe me I just beliebe in Allah and ALLAH is helping me no one else. (looks like at that moment all secular forces visible or invisible have decided to give me hardest timeof my life so I have to shout there is no GOD! But Allah;-) I just wonder why Allah is so majboor here:D if Quran is right Allah is saying there 'Wallahu khairul Makereen" Why makars against his followers always be successful? Why mullas are giving us that education which made people like me that much straight forward that their truth become lethal for them:D:D:D any ways by mistake in an account he gave my name as joint account holder and with that account they don't allowed to take money out with out both signatures. Wells Fargo and BOFA don't have those restrictions as that bank had so he opened a new account ahh here I need to tell some facts bitter truths and myths in Indian and Pakistani women as they still saying why didn't you ask the court freez his account? You must have do that so he not gonna send all money to Pakistan. i tol them that his probation officer told me that they can not stop him to move that money any where, As he withdraw five hundred dollars from account I have called the police and they told me if there is no court order about that money technically he has right to withdraw we can not do any thing. And unless a woman file for divorce she can not ask the court to help her to save her financial side. Just money is for shelters and those schools giving him training to control the anger what it called anger management for that poor wife stay home mom is just courage and push for a job. Now i am feeling sleepy and my leg is giving me hard time to write as pain is extreme inshaAllah tomorrow I will write more you DARE to read my baqiya story;-)

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Uploaded on November 5, 2010