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Message to All Pakistani and Indian girls are comming to America After Marriage and goign to be Mothers LOVE is not every thing in some cases Dears:) | by Bushra & Sons
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Message to All Pakistani and Indian girls are comming to America After Marriage and goign to be Mothers LOVE is not every thing in some cases Dears:)

This pic was taken I think Mueed was 10 or 15 days old less at the time but so clever as if you see Muawiz's first day picture he has his cap on and Mueed's first day picture he just get rid off his cap I don't know how but he did not like hat on:D


Mueed's class teacher gives them a project to write a biography of any person they like. And Mueed selected his MOM me and there is his cute draft I I will share later and as I have read his rough draft I had tears in my eyes Wow my son thinks like this for me.

And how much they been through with divorce process I just feel sad about them His positive thinking about me was telling me that he thinks about his mom positively he did not say any thing against his father but whenever he select a personality to talk about it's his mother and if you may understand me with my writings I am not a jealous person at all and if he say any thing good about his father I always say good words

But what I want to tell in the eyes of family court here this is a very very negative thing, How Pakistani and Indian girls will trapped here you can't imagine that if kids are saying we want to live father ok they are willing (in mother's case their wishes not have weight) Ok if kidas are saying good words about mom (Mother is doign somethign wrong to kids they are trying to make her happy) So Give the custody to father

I am asking here if Indian and Pakistani boys are that much "sorma" why they are not able to win custody battles against white American women????

A Pakistani and Indian girl after loosing custody battle will be pushed for a job. As in my case court give a person who is making 6000 dollars almost full custody and my time only 3 hours a day a stay home mother must not be able to survive without a job so they impute income on me. (Assuming that I am making 1400 dollars per month he was paying me only 165 dollars just imagin in Pakistan and India stories of women right here this Muslim lady has that much right) Unfortunately I got a job of 15 dollars per hours for three weeks based upon that later they impute that income limit from minimum to 15 dollars per hour and I have to pay him now 209 dollars per month even I don't have a job and yes in this area getting any type of job is really hard they just wish for me to leave my kids alone go any other city or state to get a job and must not have any connection with my kids other then giving HIM money.

You know when it comes to children American don't care women rights because she is an Adult :D:D:D


When I was getting child support they have said she is using her kids to get money from him BRAVO they are not able to think about HIM that he is also try to get kids to SAVE HIS money and yes like MUSLIMS AMERICA JUDGES also thinks he is earning so he has right to use any means to save that. Cool just I am seeing how long Pakistani and Indian girls will have courage to raise their voice against violence in America if this kind of situation will exist for long:)

Whatever they think my son thinks positive about me. And I really feel stressful when each and every person say, They(Court) want to see you have a job now go in any city and show them you can have a job if you are unable to find a job here.9What award the will give me at the End??" I believe the mothers pay their dues on time must have some certificate of appreciation from the courts at the end as who is not able to pay called "Dead beats" in our system:)

My question to them what they will do after 15 or 11 years when my kids will not be kids any more???

Just because I was agree for half half custody court thought she can stay away even more from them? and

My question if you ever have heard and seen any case where a white America woman lost custody battle against any Indian or Pakistani guy please show me.

Why only Pakistani and Indian girls lost custody battle against their Desi Husbands??? Why they(American courts) are treating them like Muslims???If it is because of political issues then sir treat it completely like Muslims. Must not be child support or Spousal Support for Muslim Man. There they are enjoying full time money from that women been treated like in Muslim court.

What happened to me When there was trial for child custody I have read a book which was saying, Even a mother has prove of domestic violence against her husband they gave the rights to father saying she is making her kids against her EX husband. I said to my friend, "Hey I am afraid after reading all this." She said Bushra there are people try to scare ladies from courts don't worry and all deputy DA.s and American friends I have talked that EX is saying if you love kids leave child support. They advice me no no it's your right. But in family court it seems robbery against father. So today I want to tell Indian and Pakistani girls be ready to leave your kids if you are a stay home mother because new job requires full obedience with bear hands. father is not allowed to say mother of their kids that you don't have to think about kids but me because I am providing you shelter and food with my money I am the first kids second.(And yes if he is not allowing you to cry and rule of house is no tears in your eyes it is also form of domestic violence:)

However your Employer will ask you first all personal problems leave at home ok after all they are paying you for that but later as I have heard "When you will be done with court things can come back" There will be no come back Yes entry level jobs they won't allow you to talk about any flexibility you must be flexible:) AND never ever match your tone with customer's tone.And yes when they asked you all problems must be at home then why and how can you cry at job???

Some of the companies(like Cisco) are providing child care on their own premises but rates are high they are making money from their employees in this way too but yes excellent child care you may see your child on web came too I guess;-)\

many companies in United States were saying in past may be they change their rules because of recent recession that they are "PET FRIENDLY" you can bring your pet at job. I always thought why no one is child friendly here;-) Any ways My son's draft is excellent and opened new doors of thinking to me:)

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Uploaded on July 16, 2011