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Cory Booker Food Stamp Challenge Day Four | by NaturalLight
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Cory Booker Food Stamp Challenge Day Four

There’s nothing exiting to report today. I enjoyed the Breakfast of Champions again (100% whole grain wheat cereal with no sugar, salt or cholesterol but lots of fiber soaked in 2% milk and the elixir of the gods and tormentor of nutritionists from coast to coast, 12 ounces of Coca-Cola with a jolt of caffeine strong enough to crank my engine in morning). I had a cookie snack before I went for my exercise at the Y – four miles running and 3¼ miles walking good for 900 calories.


A while after I got home I got hungry and made a cheese omelet with sausage on the side, followed by a can of Kroger brand pineapple chunks which were very ripe and juicy. Once again the store brand turns out to be as good as the Dole pineapple I had been buying before, but cost me $1.00 rather than $1.50. I’ll be switching to Kroger brand canned fruit in the future. In fact, all the Kroger store brand food I bought has been excellent. So that’s a lesson not only for the food stamp challenge, but for all my future grocery shopping.


It was another good day of the challenge for me, with a calorie count of 2141 and a cost of $4.20 plus tax.


As far as nutrition goes, I busted my 1500 sodium target and was way too low on the fiber again. It looks like my best bet is to follow Coach Pam’s advice and instead of sausage just get regular ground meat that has much less sodium. The cookies are also a target for replacement because of high sodium and sugar and lack of fiber. Pam’s suggestion of dried lentils or beans looks like it will go a long way to up the fiber at low cost. There might be cookie options with some fiber like oatmeal cookies, and there’s no problem with adding a bit more fresh or canned fruit instead of cookies. It’s clear I have more than enough food to get through this week so I’m thinking of the challenge of doing this for a second week, trying to stay under $30 but meeting or at least getting close to the nutritional guidelines. The only problem is this is an eat-at-home exercise and sometimes I will need to eat out….


But before you start patting yourself on the back a little too much one warning is in order Coach Pam who called me a senior citizen: you’ll have to pry my morning Coke out of my cold, dead hands. Cookies I can do without and sausage I can do without but Coke for breakfast is sacred. Sometimes I’m coachable and sometimes I’m more like Kobe Bryant.


Anyway, many thanks for your extensive comments and excellent advice Pam. I’m learning a lot from this experiment.


And thanks also to my other flickr friends for their observations. I’ve got the best flickr friends.


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Taken on December 8, 2012