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Haitian chilli lime and thyme jelly | by DGH Chocolatier
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Haitian chilli lime and thyme jelly

chilli lime and thyme jelly

Haitian Chilli and lime Jelly recipe

This jelly is great to serve with bbq fish or meat and makes me think of Haiti every time I eat it

This recipe uses the natural pectin found in apples to set the jelly. Alternatively you could use pectin to set the jelly and leave out the apples however I prefer the more natural option. and i found these growing wild at the side of the A1 (free is good)



1 kg of cooking or crab apples or pectin as used in jam making

500 ml of Water

500ml of cider vinegar

Juice of 2 limes

Sprig of thyme

Sugar (1lb of sugar to each pint juice

A handful of fresh chillies chopped finely (vary according to taste/variety, i use about 10 leave the seeds in).


Add the chopped apples (including the peel & core that’s where the pectin is!) to 500ml of cold water and 500ml of cider vinegar lime juice. Throw in about half the chopped chillies then bring to the boil then simmer for about 25 minutes.

Pour the contents of the pan through a piece of thick muslin or a jelly bag. The key here is not to force the pulp through the muslin as this will make it cloudy. Leave to drip through the bag for 5 hours.

Put the strained juice/pulp into a pan on a low heat. Measure the juice and stir in half a kg of sugar per pint of strained juice/pulp. Once the sugar has been stirred in add the some more finely chopped chillies and sprig of lime for each jar then turn the heat up for a further 10 minutes.

Place in clean jars that have been boiled to sterilise and put on a nice label.

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Taken on September 2, 2011