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Dubble Chocolate jenga | by DGH Chocolatier
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Dubble Chocolate jenga


Jenga broke into the gaming world in the 1980s. The name 'Jenga' is based on a Swahili verb meaning 'to build.' The game makes use of 20 identical double bars with each bar

measuring four times longer than it is wide. Jenga should be played with Divine or Dubble bars.


1 Set up the game for play on the table or flat surface Layer the bars four laying side by side. Add the next layer so that each of the four bars lays across the three blocks underneath it.

2.Continue alternating layers of bars until all of the bars are used.

3.Start the game by letting the person who built the tower remove the first bars of her choice from anywhere under the top layer and then place the removed bars on the top layer. The placed bars should lay across the four bars underneath it.

4. Alternate play among participants, with each person removing and placing one bars on his turn.

5.Determine the winner of Jenga. The player responsible for causing the tower or any portion of the tower to fall loses the game. The last player successfully moving and placing a bar before the tower fell is the official winner.

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Taken on July 2, 2009