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    "A friendly hug?"

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    1. paul_elliott_photo 69 months ago | reply

      I ScoreYou!
      7 /10 because I think your photo….. says "i will crush you with 1 clap of my paws"

      **updated 09/08** Other than capturing a cutesy wee moment between 2 pets I'm not sure what else to add. Would've been nice to see more of the right hand cat in profile or more of the shadow of "clapping cat" but I'm guessing it was a quick snap and not had much time to think about it.

    2. Doktor Dumbom 69 months ago | reply

      You never get tired of taystuho, do you. You got like a million shots of him (her?).

      You should have thought more of the background when you shot it, imo.

      Reporting paul_elliott_photo, as the rules states: "You must provide a minimum of 2-3 sentences of constructive feedback. "

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    3. Mohamed Kazzaz ( محمد القزاز ) 69 months ago | reply

      I ScoreYou!
      7.5 /10 because I think your photo…..

      i love the shot .. and ur idea .. but the shot need more better lighting and composition .. or angel ..

    4. PRAMOD SUMANT 69 months ago | reply

      superb capture
      thanks for comment

    5. steve r watson 69 months ago | reply

      No, I think the cat saying " I caught a fish, it was this big"!

    6. JustinWalker26 69 months ago | reply

      It's an LOL cat minus text!

      haha yeah very cute

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    7. Kevin Borland 69 months ago | reply

      Score 8/10 (from the Score Me! group)

      I agree with Kazzaz 100%, but I score you a little higher because this is an awesome concept photo.

    8. Phoenicz 68 months ago | reply

      *Rotfl!!!!* :D

    9. <Dieter> 68 months ago | reply

      hahaha, he's more like : 'THAT big ?!' :-)

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    10. jonnakene 66 months ago | reply

      Ihana kuva!

      Ei ole ehtinyt juurikaan kuvata saatika laittaa kuvia tänne, snif. Olen juossut (=istunut junassa) ympäri Suomea ja vaikka kamera on mukana, ei monestikaan jaksa kaivaa sitä esiin. Tai tarkene.. Pitää ottaa itseä niskasta kiinni!

    11. punkikay416 65 months ago | reply

      the cat looks like penguin ... it's funny ...

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    12. dorinem 60 months ago | reply

      Great capture! I can't get enough of your cats photos.

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    13. PaulSparks2010 56 months ago | reply

      Aww he's saying - give me a hug!

    14. Jimmy Denton 52 months ago | reply

      it looks like he is playing an invisible accordian!!!


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    15. PAOLA SUAREZ DURAN ::MY VIEW:: 43 months ago | reply

      plus: nice catch
      minus:probably another angle will add more to the image.

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    16. Waxy Dan 43 months ago | reply

      plus: Cute shot! And no, that's not a friendly hug :)
      minus: A little bit further out to catch more of the other cat would've been nice.

      (from the Plus-Minus Comment group)

    17. 3rd foundation 42 months ago | reply

      plus: nice expression captured
      minus: A better angle would be behind the cat about to be attacked. I feel to distant from the action.

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