the brillig sleeps

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    Who was it who said "I don't mind dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens"?

    It's Brillig's turn. She has chronic renal failure, a common last act in many cats' lives. She a sweet little Russian Blue who's been my darlin' companion for 15 years. She has a little while yet -- maybe a few months, or if we're lucky a few years. We're like new parents, learning how to make her comfortable in the days ahead as she winds down. And like new parents we're exhausted, but from an exhaustion that comes from grief. Tear soaked. Resigned.

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    1. soulspin ages ago | reply sorry

    2. spilltojill ages ago | reply

      sorry....looks like she is sucking her thumb!

    3. suttonhoo ages ago | reply

      lol -- it does. ;) thanks for the good thoughts, folks. she's responding well to treatment, and she's having her share of good days, which is a relief.

    4. Berezina ages ago | reply

      "'Twas Brillig"

      There is never rest, or
      if not peace, the absence of pain.

      The limbs of gray fur are warm, though
      the image of death, and may rouse

      from their lumpy symmetry to
      prowl into the middle distance.

      The green girl may descend the mountain
      in the light of the beggar and the cat

      her warmth and her intrusion,
      the grey limbs may rouse,

      and sip milk and purr,
      a vibration of the hand,

      the ear, of the mind, in shadow,
      next year, grey ghost, returning.

      Are we not our memories?
      When young, we are our dreams.

    5. suttonhoo ages ago | reply

      so moving. so generous. thank you, Berezina.

    6. waynemethod ages ago | reply

      This picture. I really like it. And I like Berezina poem too.

    7. Dave on Long Island ages ago | reply

      Same thing happened to my little guy-he only lived 11 1/2 years. Too young dead, i miss him still.

    8. Little Grey Cat Designs ages ago | reply

      My little squirt has had less serious renal issues all her life--good luck with your Brillig. She's beautiful.

    9. 6of6 94 months ago | reply

      Poor little furry thing. Hope she didn't suffer too much.

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