British Columbia 2006
At the end of July 2006, I took 10 days off work to tour British Columbia. At that point, I was about two years from retirement and I wanted to see for myself if retiring to the west coast could bring about a refreshing change in my life after spending more than 30 years in Ottawa. Specifically, I wanted to see what the Okanagan Valley had to offer because the area is reputed to be a magnet for retirees on account of its milder and dryer climate. I should add that I had never been to BC before, except to attend a few business meetings in Vancouver, so the trip was also very much about sightseeing and photography.
I flew into Vancouver, spent a few days visiting the city, then rented an SUV and went on a 3000 km journey across the southern part of the province reaching eastward as far as the two very famous Canadian national parks, Jasper and Banff, both of which are situated in western Alberta. I travelled alone on this trip; so, there are no pictures of me, except one, and many of the photographs were taken from inside the car while I was driving (I had no problems with that, but in retrospect, it's really unsafe - not as bad as using your cell phone or texting, but not a good idea anyway; so my advice: don't do it!)
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