White Front Store - circa 1964

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    This White Front store on Harbor Blvd in Garden Grove was among the first big box discount stores in Orange County. The stores were originally called White Front because of the practice of lining up major appliances in front of the store giving it a "white front."

    When the chain went bankrupt in 1975 the store became a Two Guys then later a FedMart and finally a Target store.

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    1. RebeccaRJ 64 months ago | reply

      cool shot
      were you in a plane? or a high rise?

    2. arbyreed 64 months ago | reply

      Thanks Rebecca. I was in a helicopter.

    3. romleys 64 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Vintage Discount Stores, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      You took this photo?

    4. arbyreed 64 months ago | reply

      Yes I took the photo -- sigh it really dates me...

    5. boo_dc 64 months ago | reply

      and in my original area in upstate NY, it was Topps. Same arc over the front door too. It's amazing what has come and gone in the last 45 years.

    6. JAB88. 64 months ago | reply

      Very nice- I like this. San Jose used to have a White Front, but when Interstate 280 went in, a lot of the parking lot was lost and another department store never moved in. It is now a Food Maxx, a Post Office and a 24 Hour Fitness.

      In 2009


      In 1968


    7. Trader Chris 64 months ago | reply

      I believe the Toys R Us was across the parking lot, and the Van De Kamp's Coffee Shop and Pitcairn Motel (with it's utterly outstanding signage) were across the street. All of it is gone now. Beavis and Butthead were right: "The more things change, the more they suck."

    8. arbyreed 64 months ago | reply

      I do remember the Pitcairn Motel/restaurant and ate there several times. It was that place that got me interested in reading Mutiny on the Bounty.

    9. Trader Chris 64 months ago | reply

      I'd love to hear what the restaurant was like. I've never heard a description of it or seen photos. I'm planning to give a talk on Tiki/Polynesian Pop in O.C. next year, and it would be great to know a bit more about the Pitcairn.

    10. Evan Wohrman 63 months ago | reply

      It became a Target store? From what I've read, it was empty after the White Front chain went out of business, then burned down several years later. Unless that happened after it went through ownership changes and Target moved over to Harbor & Chapman adjacent to Bob's Big Boy/Coco's?

    11. RetroRetail 63 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called White Front Discount Stores, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    12. bucky714 62 months ago | reply

      White Front Department Store laid empty until it burn down in 1981, parking lot was shared by Toys R Us, who recently just left that site..
      The Two-Guys department store was built a block over on the corner of Chapman & Harbor Blvd and later it turn into a Fed-Mart and then a Target Store. That still in business today. There A Coco's, that was orignal Bob's Big Boy in the front parking lot on Harbor Blvd.

    13. arbyreed 62 months ago | reply

      Thank you all for your comments and information. Chris thanks for the link to your blog.

    14. dwilsonpotts@sbcglobal.net 59 months ago | reply

      Great photo. Was just watching a movie and there was a shot of a store (Pick n Save) and I told my wife that it looks like a White Front Store. She's from Michigan and didn't know the name. I decided to find a photo here, and yours came up. I shopped in this store with my mom back in the early 60's. I grew up in Orange County. Thanks for the great photo and the memories! By the way, does anyone remember Murray Manor?

    15. mtnman0209 45 months ago | reply

      I remember that store

    16. mdeb50 21 months ago | reply

      what was the jingle for the ad that White Front had?

    17. edwhit13 15 months ago | reply

      The former White Front Store site is now occupied by Summerwind Townhomes & Grove

    18. Flickme2020 14 months ago | reply

      mdeb50-"Come in to White Front...you'll come on better everyday."

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