Knit Baby Pumpkin Set

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    Knit pumpkin items for a little pumpkin!
    All free patterns plus my modifications to bootie pattern below :)
    Stuffed pumpkin pattern:
    Hat pattern:
    Booties pattern:
    Modifications I made to the booties pattern: knit in main color through row 25, row 26 BO. For the leaf vine:
    In contrast color:
    1 CO 1
    2 KFB (2)
    3 P2 (2)
    4 KFB 2 times (4)
    5 P4 (4)
    6 KFB, K2, KFB (6)
    7 P6 (6)
    8 K2TOG 3 times (3)
    icord for needed length
    1 KFB 3 times (6)
    2 P 6 (6)
    3 K2TOG, K2, K2TOG (4)
    4 P4 (4)
    5 K2TOG 2 times (2)
    6 P2 (2)
    7 K2TOG (1)
    Attach to bootie with matching embroidery floss.

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    1. Heart Break House 73 months ago | reply

      io amo le zucche e questo tuo lavoro è davvero bellissimo!

    2. butterflyknitter 68 months ago | reply

      Totally love this! Wish I had my own baby to put it on but ah - all my children are grown - youngest being 12 1/2 - have to put that there snce he is anxious to be a teenager - but , am I?
      Ha - love this !

    3. iremembersleep 68 months ago | reply

      yum yum!! This is oh so super cute!!!

    4. EraPhernalia Vintage . . . [''playin' hook-y''] ;o 67 months ago | reply

      Ack! These are adorable!
      Can I buy a set? I'm desperate for a baby gift with the beauty and uniqueness these pieces exhibit.

    5. nzgreenbuttons 63 months ago | reply

      oh I love these!

    6. jahfa2009 57 months ago | reply

      I so Loved these that I had to try some myself. So pleased to say nearly finished the booties and finished the hat (hat too small, shoes to big due to knitting needles used but at least I did it!!! :) Coming back on to check how you attached the vine 'cause I undid the first one to try again - not that neat! Thank you So much for sharing!!

    7. saganaga 57 months ago | reply

      jahfa2009, with matching green embroidery floss i sewed it on with a whip stitch, i'm sure yarn would work well, too ~ hope that helps

    8. jahfa2009 57 months ago | reply

      Thank you very much, I have now whip stitched them in place but I can still see the red strap, not hidden very well. I think I made the vine longer than I see here.

    9. saganaga 57 months ago | reply

      oh jahfa2009, i think i might know what's going on... for these booties i didn't knit the straps, i knitted the larger size pair of booties & only knit to row 25 in the booties pattern, then i bound off... so the leaf vine is instead of the straps

    10. jahfa2009 57 months ago | reply

      Thank you! Will do that with next pair. I was thinking of placing a button hole in the leaf. Do you think that necessary or fine to slip on baby's foot just sewed on?

    11. saganaga 57 months ago | reply

      you could put a button hole in the leaf ~ i never thought of that, but i think sewn on works as a baby's foot can slip into it ~ what's so nice about knit is that there's always a little bit of stretch :)

    12. When She Was Good 55 months ago | reply

      Oh, how sweet! Thanks for sharing the patterns you used and your mods!

    13. Adrian and Colin's Mommy 50 months ago | reply

      wish I could knit. they are lovely!

    14. HumorMeHun 6 months ago | reply

      I'd love to know the yarns you used for your set. They are sooo much more attractive than the bright oranges usually used. Thank you for links to the patterns, and for your modifications!

    15. saganaga 6 months ago | reply

      My notes here: show that I used Patons Classic Wool Merino in Old Gold and Moss Heather. Hope that helps :)

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