• I love this! Did you do a layer of just eggwhite to make the heart? - Lyvvie
  • teriyaki spam is yum <3 giraffes are my fave! - ohdearbarb
  • asparagus & honey ham
  • spam masubi with cheddar giraffe
  • strawberries :)
  • tamagoyaki

    Lyvvie~ It just happened to turn out like this by accident (with the white heart layer!)
  • cherry tomato
  • sugar snap peas & broccoli
  • is this a pick? so cute! - sherimiya ♥
  • just gotta love it to death. giraffes rock my world. XD - green_tubs

Bento 03/31/09 Spam Musubi Cheddar Giraffes

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giraffe bento :)
trying spam for the first time ever... it's kind of too salty for me! maybe i should try another way to make it?

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  1. jencu 103 months ago | reply

    omg <3 the giraffes! :)

  2. ♫ sheree 103 months ago | reply

    LoveBones Nonochan is right, it's tamagoyaki :) Here's some information on SPAM from Wikipedia~ I kind of want to try the garlic spam! Wonder where I can get it... :P

    nonochan Thanks so much nonochan! :)

    texasmomof4 Thanks Texasmomof4! :D

    shoppingmum I actually did buy SPAM lite, but I think used a little too much teriyaki sauce. I found a recipe online for spam masubi that instructed me to marinate it in teriyaki ... but I think it's unnecessary since it's wayy too salty! I'll try again tonight with no sauce. :) The giraffes are made of cheese. :)

    sandizzle meehshell ♥ Jennie bunnie has learned not to use sauce with low sodium spam. :P hehe.

    jencu Jen! You should totally start making kindergarten bentos for Brandon when he gets older! The tiny boxes would be a perfect size for his appetite. :D

  3. Your Hauness 103 months ago | reply

    My spam to rice ratio is 1:8 because of the sodium ... hahahaha. But spam musubi is total love (as is spam onigiri :] )

    Super cute bento like always, Jennie!

  4. rarebliss. 103 months ago | reply

    how cute! i love spam.. i know its uncommon lol must be my hawaiian side:D

  5. jencu 103 months ago | reply

    i know... i don't have time though! i would totally pay for someone to make them for him though! ;)

  6. Laura Bento 103 months ago | reply

    Wow so cute! Were you able to close that box? The food looks so tall! And I can't believe you have never tried spam!! How long did you marinate it? When i make musubi i just marinate 15 minutes, but i like it plain too. Plain spam with jasmine rice and soy sauce is comfort food for me and a staple at my house!

  7. texasmomof4 103 months ago | reply

    This looked so good I had to pull some spam musubi out of the freezer for lunch!

  8. Chaya! 103 months ago | reply

    Love it! I also love the way you cut your sugar snap peas.

    I guess it's time to go to the store and buy some spam ;D

  9. ♫ sheree 103 months ago | reply

    Your Hauness Yeah, I actually cut the spam into realllly thin slices at first, but it didn't hold up as well. So I cut them about half a cm thick. :)

    rarebliss. I know! I've seen spam masubi in 7-11 in Hawaii! :D

    jencu Oo I bet he would love them tho. They don't have to be so detailed. You should check out some other Flickr Moms who make bentos for their kids, there's a lot of them on Flickr. :D

    Laura Bento Yep was able to close the box, I just rearranged the spam masubi so it was flat. :D I only marinated them for 5 min, but I think I will try them with no marinade tonight!

    texasmomof4 Hahaha! I hope you had a yummy lunch! nom nom nom...

    BentoRecipes Yay for SPAM! (^_^)/

  10. sherimiya ♥ 103 months ago | reply

    beautiful! everything looks so fresh and colorful, nice presentation :)

  11. ♫ sheree 103 months ago | reply

    sherimiya Thank you!~ And to answer your note, yes it is a pick. :) The forest animal picks are available at Daiso.

  12. Coffee & Vanilla | 416 Studios 103 months ago | reply

    Wholesome Lunchbox event
    Thank you for your entry for Wholesome Lunchbox event, the round-up will the posted on 15th of April on coffeeandvanilla.com.

  13. Howard Dickins 101 months ago | reply

    Lovely. I'd eat a giraffe like this.

  14. truck stop tea party 101 months ago | reply

    this looks yummy & sooo pretty!

  15. Åsta 99 months ago | reply

    This is the cutest dish I've ever seen!
    Maybe you'd like posting it at www.olahelland.net/giraffes/
    A guy who's trying to collect 1 million homemade giraffes before the end of 2011 :-)

  16. Cherry Amber* Chun 96 months ago | reply

    love this photo it made me laugh - so cute!

  17. SooozhyQ 95 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Shoot first, eat later..., and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  18. ibelayni 78 months ago | reply

    This is so cute!

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