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My Older Obese Cousin, Phillip | by jessicajohnson1983
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My Older Obese Cousin, Phillip

Here's a "safe for work" photo of my obese older cousin. For the NSFW photo (and to his great embarrassment, LOL!), make sure your account can view restricted photos.


The NSFW photo is a perfect one to illustrate the consequences of male obesity (such as my cousin's erectile dysfunction!).


He's over 260 with a very bad BMI. I'm trying to get Phillip to get off his lazy butt and exercise and also eat healthier. I warned him I'd embarrass him if he didn't meet weight loss goals he agreed to let me set for him. Several years ago gave me carte blanche to punish him, he just never thought I'd make him strip naked. I'm his health care power of attorney - and yes I sit in on his medical exams. That was part of the agreement. To his credit, although he whined like a little boy about having to strip in front of me, he's become subservient enough to let me discipline him as I see fit even knowing the pics I take of him are fair game for me to show anyone I want. He just never thought I'd embarrass me as such, let alone to female family members. And of course, once I had an initial set of pics of him nude, it was quite easy to make him quite obedient for future punishments. LOL! So over the past few years he's become quite submissive - oh he HATES that word and he denies that he is. But now a whole lot of female family members are seeing how unhealthy he is - "SEEING" being the operative word - and can get on his case, too (after they stop laughing). Phillip has become impotent, as well. (Ooops! Did I just tell everyone that? LOL!) So if he ever wants to have sex, he'd better get healthy. Sure, he'll be teased by all of us for many, many years to come! But we want him around for many, many years to come. The shame of several dozen female relatives ranging in age from 20 to 61 now seeing him totally naked is something Phillip will just have to live with - "live" being the operative word.

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Uploaded on August 6, 2020