3d pan white

the conversation, courtesy of the old Canon F-1--view large for detail

with friends, August, 1976--this beach is at Bodega Bay, the site where Hitchcock's "The Birds" was filmed a dozen years before--love the clarity of this image taken with the Canon F-1 back in the days before digital


the conversation, 1976


on a great churning sea

said to have no memory

we passed a sunny afternoon

and a blue cold dusk

like pacific pilgrims in a new land

making our first prints on virgin sand


what we bravely said in the fading light

quickly sifted into the eyeless night


what dreams we painted

long ago became tainted

by ambiguous ambitions with dollar signs

and other equally jaded earthly designs

that did not clutter or cloud our speech

on that seemingly primeval beach

where all still seemed within reach


now I have but a colored frame

and likely only me to blame

for falling farther from Eden with each passing day

when I repress what we three had to say

on a sandy summer shore

in the land that is no more


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Taken in August 1976