a symphony of parts
A Symphony In Parts . . .
I will not make poems with reference to parts,
But I will make poems, songs, thoughts, with reference to ensemble,
And I will not sing with reference to a day, but with reference
to all days,
And I will not make a poem nor the least part of a poem but has
reference to the soul,
Because having look'd at the objects of the universe, I find there
is no one nor any particle of one but has reference to the soul.
W. Whitman, Starting From Paumoanok

Built in the early 1940’s, this home is situated on one of breakfast room is echoed at the front entrance by the new the town’s prettiest streets. This street runs east west barrel vaulted canopy.along the crest of a hill, the highest in the town. This project has received a 2003 Merit Award from the
Typical for its style and era, the original house had a
Association of Licensed Architects.
large living room and dining room, small kitchen, large par¬
ents’ bedroom, two small children’s bedrooms, and a small garage. A guest bedroom with porch was located over the garage. Again typical for its era, the house was closed to its yard. The rear façade of the house presented not much more than a solid wall to the yard.

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