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The Veritas League and the Quest for the Tome of Tangiers: Dawn | by Professor Fumolatro
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The Veritas League and the Quest for the Tome of Tangiers: Dawn

The two hours that passed after my meeting with Karl on the upper deck were two of the longest hours of my life. Sleep was an impossibility. Rest, it seemed, was also beyond my reach.

I took the time to gather my tools, attempt to formulate a strategy for our search that would be starting soon and to reflect on what it was we were up against.

This quest had quickly gone from a simple 'search and rescue' mission to a journey into the deepest regions of the unknown.


What could possibly have been the motivation of my mentor Gunther Wasserstrom when he set out in search of 'the book'?

What force could have (I hesitate to use the word) possessed him? Could it be that Gunther was overcome by the same otherworldly spirits that now claw at the minds and souls of Haggis and Porkshanks?

What kind of land was it to which we'd come? Where the sun bakes your brains into madness, the nights freeze your very heart and where disembodied creatures of energy feed on the living?

Surely this was a place abandoned by God.


As the first rays of light broke over the horizon, I went outside to begin my visual assessment of the task ahead. To my surprise, a breeze was kicking up... the first in days. Dark clouds were rolling in from the east. Sand was begining to swirl in the dry air like tiny inverted whirlpools of dust. Nature it seemed had decided to 'act up' at a most inopportune moment.

With the cloud cover increasing we'd not be able to use our reflective signaling technique for communication and the sand would limit our visibility further.

I would have paid for the chance to bring good news to my companions. Disheartened I returned to the ship to wake the others.


* * *

Background image: Tinge by Orin Optiglot

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Taken on June 13, 2006