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wwwWICKED Jersey Sunset! | by Dancing Weapon of Mass Destruction
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wwwWICKED Jersey Sunset!

Funny little story about the day I made this photo:


I rode over to the Loews to hang out on mini dirtbag mtn and watch the sunset/take photos. It was funny cause a while after I got there these 4 stoner kids came up and were like:


SK: Hey man, did we miss the sunset?

me: Naw man, its behind the clouds, you didn't miss it.

SK: YESsss! Him and his buddies sit down..

SK: You're not a cop are you?

me: hhHELL no.

SK: Okay, cool, cause we were gonna smoke a blunt.

me: nice.

SK: Is that you're bike down there?

me: yup

SK: Nice bike man!

me: thanks man!

SK: You come up here a lot man?

me: Ehh, just sometimes to hang and catch the sunset. Take some photos. Been coming up here like 10 years now..

SK: cooool man.


Then they whipped out a boom box and started playing Bob Marley. Two walked off to roll said blunt behind a bush since it was windy..


SK to other SK: (sun pops out from behind clouds and is all majestic etc) Damn. Shit like that just makes me feel all small mann..


I smirk to myself at cliché stoner comment.


Then they all started asking each other who had the lighter but soon realized they forgot it.


SK: You got a light man?

me: Sorry man, I do my smoking at home.

SK: Daaammmnn


At this point I chuckled to myself a little bit knowing how much of a bummer it would be to get up there only to realize there was no way to light up..


Then the two who weren't invested in rolling, walked all around trying to find matches or a discarded lighter. They walked all the way down to where the tracks are (football field length+). I mean, they could've walked down to the Loews, gotten a lighter, and saved themselves the hassle and been back in like 8 min. Not to mention the fact that it rained sssSO HARD the day before that anything they found would never have worked. Fucking dumbasses. It was great..

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Taken on June 26, 2012