jour cent trente six (why don't you love me)

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(136:365) this was actually inspired by my friend antoinette tran - and just kind of how i have been feeling. i had an awful morning - and i cried but it also gave me the guts to do something i have been pushing off for a very very long time.
i often feel like i am just pushed easily aside in people's lives - and that i am not really important. it's easy to feel that way sometimes - you know?
and this morning this was how i felt as i sat alone in my apartment (jason was out with his dad) i was convinced no one was showing up to my girl's night. i dunno.
turned out to be a great night - my two friends becki and becky (haha i know) came and jason's sister was here. we had a fun time - and in the end... well you know that thing i said i did? well .... i'll just say it worked out for the best... i think i will explain more about that tomorrow but it's a good good thing ^_^ so i'm really happy with how my 21st birthday played out.

  1. elizabeth-mae swenson [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

    aw, love!! why are you crying? its good to cry sometimes, though. to just let everything out...i'm glad you still have fun with the becky's, haha, but i know how you feel about that...i actually didn't hang-out with anyone during break besides jeremiah. my friend sabrina and i usually hang-out along with cynthia, but sabrina went on a trip, and by the time they wanted to hang out i just didn't make time too and now i regret it. anyway i am glad your birthday played out well, it's amazing that you're 21! i keep thinking you are older. and love the bokeh in this picture, and lovely idea...i also adore your handwriting!!

    and hey remember
    I LOVE YOU and so does everyone else on here.

  2. t0asty 76 months ago | reply

    crying can be good :)
    I also feel like that a lot, not very important....
    I adore this photo and your stream, keep up the great work!!<3

  3. Hannah Sloas 76 months ago | reply

    i do love you. :3

  4. akane kinomoto 76 months ago | reply

    I love you, you know that. ^_^
    also, great great bokeh!!

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