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Maltese and German shepherd mix | by pettrainingpulse
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Maltese and German shepherd mix

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The Maltese German shepherd mix is a crossbreed between the Maltese dog and the German shepherd breed. They are usually called Sheptese and have the physical looks of a German shepherd and the size of a Maltese. It’s not really easy to breed these two dogs because of the wide size difference between the two. That explains why the crossbreeds between the two are scarce.


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Physical attributes


The German shepherd is a large dog that has a well-built muscular physique. When they breed with Maltese, the offspring usually have slightly lowered pelvis, powerful chest, and smooth and strong limbs.


The coat of their offspring is usually dense and short, with a developed undercoat that protects from cold. They can come in different colors, but black and grey seem to be the most common. You can also get a classic color combination of black and tan, which is a bit rare.


Maltese are usually white in color and are considered in the toy category for dogs. Because of their long coats, they need to bath regularly to keep them healthy and free from infections.


Knowing the German/Maltese Mix from their parents Breed


If you know how the German shepherd looks like and understand the Maltese, you would be able to determine the traits and physical attributes of their offspring.


The German shepherd has very strong personality traits when it comes to confidence, understanding commands, courage, and loyalty to its owner. They don’t just stay there as a pet, but as a guardian too. They love protecting the ones they love. The German shepherd has a slightly aggressive behavior, which explains why they are usually tamed at an early age.


On the other hand, the Maltese are an intelligent and gentle breed of dog. They are smaller than the Shepherd but lack nothing when it comes to bravery. They are known as “rich kids dogs” or “dogs for aristocrats”. Since the German Shepherd is a big dog while its breeding mate is a small dog, their offspring are usually within the medium-sized category on average.


Temperament and personality traits


The German and Maltese mix, just like other breeds, needs a lot of attention and time to come out well. Also, they love living in a private house where there is access to a yard or a garden. And when it comes to friendship with their owners, the mix is one of the most passionate and friendly you can get from different breeds.


The mix has a properly developed instinct to keep their loved ones safe. Another good thing is the fact that it is friendly with children and other animals. So, if you want to have them with other pets at home, you will not have any issues.


However, an adult German and Maltese mix may find it difficult to accept another dog in the family, except with the help of a professional.


The German Maltese breed will offer some of these features and traits, but not all of them. If you’re looking for the features of the two dog breeds, you will be having a compassionate dog, a friendly one, and a very intelligent one too. If you want a cute family dog that is not just a friend and a companion but a guardian, surely the German/Maltese breed comes with such traits and features.


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Uploaded on February 2, 2020