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Things You Need To Know About Steak Paper | by faustoboyles
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Things You Need To Know About Steak Paper

If you are running a #restaurant, one of the most mouth-watering things that you can show off to your customers is a nice cut of #meat. And to ensure its proper presentation, you are going to need a steak paper. This paper is made to resist moisture and process of oxidation from affecting the meat’s quality and freshness.


While the name of this paper is #steak #paper, it is not just for steaks. This paper is ideal for all kinds of meats and fish. This paper is available in variety of colors, sizes and styles.


What makes steak paper special?

Steak paper is used for keeping the meat at display in the butchers and delis. After the customer purchases food, this paper serves as the primary protection and packaging for the meat. Steak paper is a densely constructed and wet-strength paper whose main function is to keep the meat dry and safe from the process of oxidation.


Since the meat is naturally moist, it has the leaking juices which can spoil the customer’s clothes. This paper doesn’t let the juice to pass through and do the damage.


Who might need steak paper?

People working with the fresh meat can benefit from using steak paper. This is the reason that these papers are seen being used in grocery stores, butchers, delis, and fish markets. These are the places where it gets important to attract the customers for the purpose of enhancing sales.


While this paper is widely used in the grocery industry, many other #food related #businesses can also use this paper for the marketing benefit. For instance, you may claim that you are using fresh and unfrozen meat in the burgers. That’s a claim which can attract a lot of customers. In this scenario, you can use steak paper to show your customers that you are actually using the fresh meat and, so, you are using this paper to ensure preservation of the freshness of that meat.


Steak paper sheets

If your business needs your customers to be served fast, you can use steak paper sheets. These sheets are pre-measured and precut. Using this paper, you can significantly reduce the time required for set up and plating. Your employees will find it very easy to grab a sheet, pack whatever is ordered, and hand it over to the customer.


Sliced and smaller cuts of meat can be packed using smaller sheets; and full chops can be packed in the larger sheets. Make sure that the sheet is large enough to be wrapped around the meat.


Steak paper rolls

If you are selling meat cuts of different sizes, you might not find the use of steak paper sheet a viable option for packing of the meat because of the fact that you will not be able to remember what sheet size needs to be used for a meat cut of particular size. In this scenario, you can consider using steak paper rolls.


Using a steak paper roll, you can cut the paper right according to the size of the meat cut you want to pack. This way, you can avoid sheet wastage which tends to happen when you pack small meat cut using a bigger sheet.


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Uploaded on October 7, 2019