The Beginning
Every project must start somewhere so here are a few snapshots of what I had to work with.

In short - I was able to salvage most of the Haygren Organ. The original console even after stripping all of the electronic equipment out still weighed in at almost 500 lbs.

I dismantled every part of the console and refashioned a new "modern" concept using select pieces for the "exterior" of the console.

I place "exterior" in quotation marks because my console uses a deconstructionist view by "exploding" the various parts normally found on the outside of a normal organ console.

Everything is quickly removable and breaks down into 5 main sections.

1) Desk
2) Manual keyboard cage and hutch
3) Knee panel
4) Pedalboard and guide
5) Bench

Each which can be removed with just one person (me).

The touchscreens are quickly removable and all of the electronic gadgetry is housed with the desk.
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