The manual keyboards are created from 3 Samson MIDI Controllers. The case was stripped from the keyboard and re-installed with a new base. The accompanying mini circuit boards were removed with the exception of the main board which has the features maintained so that they can be programmed to work with my setup.

This part took probably the longest amount of time. Basically one month.

I had to-scale line drawings on my computer which decided to have a hairball at the start of this project. I was not able to restore the PC until I had finished with the project.

Each keyboard has a 2° rise and everything was touch-and-go for the longest time, but in the end it all fit together perfectly.

The key cheeks were shaped via a band saw, gouges and sanding. They are made of Mahogany. Each cheek had to be routed to fit the keyboards in.

The key slips (the wood between the front of the keyboards) is Bubinga Waterfall which has a close relation with Rosewood, but comes in a variety of beautiful patterns. It also has an incredible strength to weight ratio. The pattern is complete from the lowest keyboard to the top keyboard which oddly enough ends up with a heart - dead center on the top manual. Totally unplanned.
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