The bench is from a 1954 CONN Model 813. Included are some photos I found on-line of the exact same model and finish.

This was a difficult rehab because there was a lot of damage and rot on many of the pieces. The top was replaced because there was a large gash that could not be repaired. The decorative trim and rosettes were very deteriorated.

Great success with repairing the old veneer with specimens taken from other parts of the console. I stained this with an Ebony stain which wasn't really what I would have liked but I made a huge mistake when starting out with this project. It was supposed to be golden oak in color.

As it was I thought that it would match the "espresso" color of the table. In any regard the finished item is very nice. I replaced the feet with White Oak bases. I also carved 6 rosettes from Basswood to replace the originals which were embossed not carved.

To finish off I recreated the "Haygren" theme of two quarter-rounds and a screen batten, only in miniature. I used Doll House trim moulding to complete the decorative element.
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