The pedalboard for the Haygren Organ is a full sized keyboard measuring at 55" at the front of the keys and nearly 50" deep and in need of a huge makeover. I decided to save that project for another date.

The pedalboard that I choose to include in this project was something that I won on an ebay auction many years ago. It is referred to as a "princess" size which was quite standard in most home applications for the Allen Organ Company.

I was in luck because outside of some huge gashes on the backs and side the keyboard was in very good shape.

I dismantled every part, stripped and sanded the Walnut frame - finishing with a Mahogany stain and a little extra "red" mixed in.

Each key was sanded down to 400 grit paper. There is no stain and the keys are finished in a clear satin varnish - using 8 very thin coats.

The Sharps are made from Phenolic Plastic and took on a great shine with a buffer and toothpaste.

Everything was reassembled with the addition of a reed-switch harness procured from Largonet Ltd located in Bulgaria.

A little protective "hutch" was added on the front right bottom of the frame.

Reed switches are enclosed in glass, wrapped with a shrink wrap material. They are activated with rare-earth magnets placed on the front of the keys. The harness is placed so there is only a 5mm gap at the activation point.
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