City of Awesome: Portland

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    $450, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, with accompanying booklet, 2012 ::
    The people in this painting are self-portraits drawn by people in Portland to represent what they do to make Portland more awesome. It is currently on display at the Independent Publishing Resource Center

    Artists who drew their self-portraits for this painting include: David, Phanny Longbaught, Brian Bost, Shana Lane-Block, Anne, Rachelle Koivunen, Maya Grace Todd, Katie, Mitchell DeShazer, Sarah, Michael Haluska, hawkk, Sol Cloudancer, Kevin Nichols, John Ciampi, Heather DeShazer, Sharon Rowland, Jenni B., Tami, Sofia Adisin Linde, Liz Nichols, Rolia Manyongai-Jones, Mara Haeri, Chad Essley, Taylor S., Judy Crockett, Matt, Le Badgier, Beth, Angela, Mama, Hooty McBoobity, Julie, Crystal Henington, Akira Peterson, Megan, Sarah Buchanan, Johnny insanity la Mosley, Karen Looney, Susan LeMaster and Steven Bailey, Aaron Schmeckpeper, Mary B., Leslie Foeller, Pete Landers, Ashton Verburg, Alex, Sammi Knudtson, Alex Churn, Indigo Kerr-Harding, Marcy, Amaya Gustave, Fred from Brussels, Angela Haluska, and Collin Elliot.

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