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10 beauty tricks for hair | by What'S Up friends
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10 beauty tricks for hair

Women are vain in what touches our hair and that is why we love to look for beauty tricks for hair so that we always wear it healthy, bulky and bright.


With all the day-to-day aggressions, from the wind, the humidity, the sun or the washings and hairstyles, the hair tends to run out of shine, fine and shapeless. To combat these effects there are some tricks that you can incorporate into your daily beauty routine to maintain the health of your hair.


To help you always keep that star hair we compile 10 beauty tricks for hair that you should always keep in mind.


1. Avoid hot irons or curling irons

The heat damages your hair by drying it and removing flexibility to the threads. The result is a straw and brittle hair.


Whenever you can, let your hair dry naturally. If you need to use the hairdryer, avoid higher temperatures and try to dry it using the coldest option. Position the dryer at least 15cm away from your hair to avoid burning it.


For hairstyles or wavy effect try to let your hair dry on the rolls or in a braid for a natural and less harmful effect. If you need to use the iron to straighten it, never forget to put a little thermal protection on your hair before to reduce possible damage.


2. Consume vitamin A

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for healthy hair.

Bet mainly on legumes and green leafy vegetables and carrots as they contain a lot of vitamin A, a nutrient that promotes hair growth.


3. Cut your tips a little every 6 to 8 weeks

As your hair grows the ends will become less healthy. When cutting an inch or two every month or two months you do not change the length of your hair but you will be avoiding the split ends effect.


If you notice that the ends of your hair are already open, do not delay cutting them. The longer you wait the more the effect will creep through your hair and you may have to cut it shorter than you want to keep it healthy.


4. Hydrate your hair

Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and apply moisturizers to your hair once a week or every two weeks. Let your hair absorb nutrients from a mask or essential oil so that it is always healthy and recovers from daily aggressions.


Between the cuts of the tips apply a little conditioner every two to three days to keep them hydrated and reduce the dry and open effect.


5. Massage not rubbing

When you apply the shampoo or conditioner do not rub the hair, mainly next to the scalp.

Hair will be more susceptible to damage when wet and the effect of rubbing can weaken its root. Massage the scalp and hair care to activate blood circulation and to wash and moisturize it without damage.


Do not rub your hair with the towel to dry it. Use the towel to gently absorb only the excess water and let it dry naturally.


6.10 beauty tricks for hair

This is one of the beauty tricks for hair that can be uncomfortable but is very effective.

The cold water closes the hair cuticles preventing moisture from entering your follicles. The result is less greasy hair for longer and less frizzy effect.

7. Don't comb your wet hair

Wet hair is weaker and you can break its threads very easily. Wait a little until the hair is only wet to comb it and thus reduce the chances of damage.


To untangle the hair after washing it, use a long-tooth comb, preferably made of wood. To comb the hair normally opt for a natural rope brush instead of synthetic brushes since it is softer and more flexible and less aggressive for the hair.


8. Choose natural products instead of chemicals

Professional hair products can be a double-edged sword. If, on the one hand, they help stylize your hair and solve a problem such as lack of shine or dandruff, for example, it is also true that some of the chemicals contained in these products can weaken your hair and harm you in the long term.


Whenever you can, it is preferable to use natural ingredients to take care of your hair. Nothing like asking your grandmother about her hair beauty tricks and trying an avocado mask to fight fries or a honey and olive oil mask to moisturize dry hair in the sun.


9. Avoid hairstyles too often caught

Very tight hairstyles, which include horsetail, put pressure on the scalp weakening the root and increasing the risk of hair loss. If you feel pain or uncomfortable when you wear the hairstyle or when you release it at the end of the day it is because you are overloading the root.


Whenever possible, wear your hair loose and natural or opt for looser picks to reduce pressure on the scalp and the feeling of hair-pulling.


10. Eliminate bad habits

This is not one of those beauty hair tricks that are worth your whole health. Daily stress, poor diet, and smoking are frequent causes of dull and lifeless hair.


Choose to eat more legumes, vegetables, fruit and protein to give your body more vitamins and nutrients, something that will be reflected in your hair. Face stress with a positive smile on your face and stop smoking.

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Uploaded on September 3, 2019