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The Best Ways to Encash your Old iPhones – iPhone Trade In | by petermoorhouse255
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The Best Ways to Encash your Old iPhones – iPhone Trade In

If you want to sell your old iPhone, I will answer your every question. I shall explain when, where, and how you can get the most cash from your old iPhones.


It is always a good idea to sell your old version of the iPhone when you want a new one. Start your upgrade plan with some cash in hand. You can get cash and save it from the old iPhone model you have. It is the most profitable way to get rid of you’re the old #iPhone.


The general manager (Yanyan Ji) of the trade-in site Gazelle’s has said the prices of the recent iPhone models drop for $100 when the new iPhone is launched. And all other previous model’s prices dropped down between 10 to 20 percent. So, it is the best idea to trade-in your old iPhone before buying the new model.


Apple has the Lowest Depreciation

Music Magpie, a UK-based trade-in site has noticed that #Apple has the lowest depreciation as compared to any other tech brand. Apple iPhone loses almost 25% of its value after the launch of the new model.


If you want to sell your existing iPhone, then, the best option is to sell your iPhone before the release of the new iPhone. You should know when the new model will launch. So, you should have a backup mobile phone and sell your current iPhone at a good price.


Important Points for your iPhone before Selling

There are a few important points you should follow before selling your iPhone. By following these points, you will be sure that your data is safe.


Back Up:

Before selling your iPhone, it is important to back up your all data which includes contact numbers, videos, pictures, documents, and apps. You can save your data by using Apple #iCloud app service.


Turn off find my phone button:

It is a security feature in iPhones. Turn it off before selling your iPhone. Else, nobody will be able to use or reset it.


Sign out:

Sign out your e-mail from all the apps and services. Erase your signing in information through setting option. Open setting option, click on the general, then resent and finally click on the erase option. All the content will be deleted.


Pop out sim card:

Remove your sim card from the phone. You will need this sim card later for your new iPhone.


Damaged iPhone.

If your iPhone is damaged, no need to worry. Still, you can get a good amount in exchange for your iPhone. Just be careful while using your phone. There should be no cracks on the screen, no big dents, and no water damage if you want to sell it on a good price.


1. Sell your iPhone Online

You can sell your iPhone by yourself by using online services. If you sell your iPhone by yourself you can enjoy the net profit from it. But yes, with some risks.



It is an American advertisement website. You can sell your iPhone on this website but there are few risks here. It is hard to find customers on the Craigslist website. There can be fake buyers. So, before selling out your iPhone, meet your buyer and demand the whole amount in cash.



it is a better option as compared to Craigslist. You just need to pay a small sales fee on this website. eBay usually charge 10% sales fee but it will provide you buyer protection with a full comfortable environment.


2. Use a service to sell your iPhone

Trading-in your iPhone is a great option to get cash. But you will have to sacrifice some profit if you want to use a service to sell your iPhone. Apple has offered trade-in option and the market places are Declutter, Gazelle, Glyde, Next Worthand, and Swappa.


Here are some trade-in prices for iPhones with reference to the Gazelle. You do not need to visit the store to store for your iPhone quotations. Check out the prices below:


iPhone 6S ($230 at Best Buy): Up to $100

iPhone 6S Plus ($650 at Sprint): Up to $150

iPhone 7 Plus ($379 at Amazon): Up to $290

iPhone 7: Up to $200

iPhone 8 and iPhone X: No trade-in options available till date.


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Uploaded on July 6, 2019