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Working Up a Sweat Once Again | by corneliahiggins848
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Working Up a Sweat Once Again

I’m one of those people who have had off and on success with working out and maintaining a good physical fitness regimen. Unfortunately, when I’m on a down slope with those trends (i.e., not working out at all), it’s usually for months at a time. While I’m a pretty happy person and confident in my looks and health, there are times that I worry I actually don’t eat the best and keep good care of myself.


Those are the times that spur me into action and I take up working out again. Those are the times that I decide to move forward, do what my body needs, and not think of it as hard work but rather something I must do.


Right now is one of those times that I’m building back up for the future to work out. You see, the plan is to do so indefinitely. I know that if I can keep it up for a handful of months to a year, it’ll become something ingrained into my daily routine and I no longer have to worry about dropping out of a good routine.


What’s great for me is that I’ve seen the success that 6 months of working out can do for me. I’ve looked back on pictures of me when I was in my prime and it definitely shows that I was healthier and looked better. That’s what I can use as ammo to keep up a great routine and not slip out of it.


What I also take as a win is that I’ve also seen how incredibly easy it is to take a week off and never start back up. That’s when you say “it’ll be fine, I’m just taking these few days off” and suddenly your routine absolutely crumbles.


So from here on out, it’s a no compromise situation. I will make the time to do something for myself physically every day, even if it’s just stretching or some sit ups and push ups. Even it’s a brisk walk with my dog. Even if it’s some yoga or trying to swim in the lake, I’ll make the time each and every day for me.


I think it’ll help moving forward to break out some of my old gear, too. I have old running shoes pent up in some old packaging supplies like cardboard boxes and the likes that will motivate me to get back into shape. Heck, those same packaging supplies are responsible for an organized life regarding what I have in storage. Why can’t I get other aspects of my life organized too? They physical aspects matter just as much as reducing clutter around my home if not more.

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Uploaded on July 16, 2019