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Boxcutters and Safety | by corneliahiggins848
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Boxcutters and Safety

There are a slew of shipping supplies out there to enable ease of use with packaging up items, yet a lot of people either don’t know they exist or feel daunted to use them. One of those that a lot of people fail to use correctly is a #boxcutter.


Using a boxcutter isn’t as easy as a lot of people make it out to be if you’re unfamiliar with using one or even using a knife in general.


The first thing I’ll note about boxcutters is that they’re absolute never to be used pulling the blade towards your body. Rather, you want to make sure every time you make a cut that the blade is facing away from you and drug outwards. There’s no exception to this, and there’s no more important rule to remember than this.


Rule 1: Don’t throw a boxcutter.

I mean, this is probably as obvious as not throwing a chef’s knife to someone, but some people think that when the blade is retracted it’s safe to throw. This is absolutely not the case, especially considering cheaper boxcutters may not have a great retracting mechanism that keeps the blade housed safely within. Just don’t throw them.


Rule 2: Don’t take your eye off the blade.

The second you do, you’ll probably cut yourself. Watch the blade the entire time. You can both watch the blade and its projected path as you cut outwards. Just don’t look around, up, or elsewhere unless you fancy a nice fresh cut.


Rule 3: Don’t try to catch a falling boxcutter.

This one kind of goes hand in hand with throwing the boxcutter. Your instincts may try to take over to catch it if it drops simply because you’re used to not letting things fall on the ground. But believe me, if you attempt to catch a falling cutter, you’re likely going to have a wound after grasping the blade on the wrong end. Just let it hit the ground. Heavy duty boxcutters can survive small falls, and cheap plastic ones can either be reassembled or replaced for little to nothing. Remember, it’s just cheap shipping supplies. Don’t bother saving it at the expense of your own safety.


Rule 4: Keep your boxcutter in a safe place when not using it.

Make sure your blade is covered and locked when not in use. Even if it’s fully retracted, it can still come loose on accident, just like it could when throwing or dropping it. Since it takes absolutely zero time to store it properly, you may as well do it.




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Uploaded on June 26, 2019